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  1. Gun Talk
    hey, I was wondering if anybody could identify the gun in the hands of my father in this picture. this picture was taken when I still was in the dutch airforce working with stingers, so a while ago. every time I go to my grandma I see this pic of him with the gun in his hands. and now i'm...
  2. Semi Auto Pistols
    I have been shooting guns since I could walk but I have never owned a handgun. I am a great shot with just about anything, so I figured it's time to invest in my own handgun. I am wondering what you think the best handgun is. I am a skilled beginner; so I am looking for things such as power...
  3. Rifles
    The shoulder gun I have always liked the most is the American revolver repeating riffle shoulder gun which utilises the same principle as a standard revolver but with a shoulder buttstock and a long barrel. Ever since I saw these in the Western movies I have loved them. Contrary to what...
1-3 of 3 Results