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unfortunely the 348 gave way to the more powerful bolt and simi auto rifles. There were new addvices made with scopes no longer did one have to hang their rifle outside so the scope wouldn't fog up on them. these were flatter shooting rifles and calibers that reach out and hit the mark witha scope. Calibers like the 348 38-55 303 savage 45-60 40-60 45-75 just to name a few have go by the way side.
One of the reasons I have gotten into long range shooting at the sass matchs is to live part of the past and listen to the stories the old men have to tell. I am just a pup there at 57.
There was in those days a love affair with their rifles as they could only afford one and it had to be everything to them. they had to put meat on the table for the family and they didn't have money to waste on shooting like I do, nor did they have many guns as I do.
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