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357 load

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I just picked up 100 38 cal fmj bullets. They are 130 grain. I noticed when I got home that they are marked .38 Super. I don't know what the super means. Are these ok to load for my 357's or are they for something else?

If they are ok I'm looking for a load using Unique. I look for the other thread I had on this subject too.
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Just found the other one and I posted for 140 grain bullets. I need loads for 130 grain. :ugeek:
might be mistaken, but believe the super is a .355/.356 dia. bullet so its sort of between the 9mm and 38 in size---splittin' hairs for sure....................i'd exhcange if possible

those bullets are for the colt 38 super. a hot fast round that is more popular on competition circuits. Also popular i believe in Mexico.

probably won't hurt to use them wisely, but there's no advantage to it.
BH, I would exchange them if possible. The .38 Super is a round that is used primarily in race guns in IPSC type competition. As Deputy said, they are designed to work as a high pressure round...primarily in semi-autos.

Personally, I would not load them for a revolver, unless that revolver is specifically chambered for .38 Super....don't think there are any.....(but then, I could be wrong)..... :eek:
Glad I noticed and asked. I'll exchnage them. I didn't see any other 38 cals either. :(
This is a pic of the package. It doesn't say super on the package only the sticker from Riley's.

Riley's sticker.

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that winchester part # does show its for the super
heck, it might work ok i just don't know............
I'll return it. Better safe than sorry. :|
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