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38 sp loads

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Shot the test loads I worked up for .38sp 158gr LSWC, yesterday. At 20 yds, 4.0 gr of Unique and 3.3 gr of HP-38 were the winners. They both grouped about 1.75 inches for 6 shots, from a rest, single action in my GP100 with 4" barrel. Very pleased with both, but the nod goes to Unique. Less recoil and less smoke. Neither load seem to leave any lead in barrel. So I loaded up 300 rounds today, and will try them in our next Dirty Harry practice on the 12th.....
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Very good! I like Unique because it seems to be a very clean powder. It's good for most all pistol loads too.
This is the first time I've used it. I really like the way it makes my GP shoot. I might even work up some loads for my 9mm.....
unique is sure a good versitle powder that has a lot of applications. It may not always be the absolute best at something, but it sure can still get'er done. Still one of the more popular pistol powders that usually everybody handles due to its versatility...........
I like the fact that if I have it on hand I can load my 45 acp's or my 357 magnums. One powder makes things easier I think.
I have burned a lot of Blue Dot in several calibers over the years and like Unique for punching holes in paper but lately I have been loading a lot of Power Pistol. It meters well, burns clean and is between Unique and Blue Dot for speed of burning. It is the only powder I use in 40 S&W as it seems to duplicate factory performance in a 155 gr bullet and gives great accuracy. I've used it in 38 SPL lead loads to 230 gr 45 auto loads.
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