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45 Colt loads

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I found a 5.5" Redhawk in SS last night used for $450. The gun is awesome. The thing is it's in 45 Colt. Are 45 Colt rounds that hard to load? I can get Lead bullets for $40 per 500. BH of 12 for cowboy loads. What's your opinion on this? I'm very tempted to get this gun. Any advice?
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That is a good price, & .45 Colt is one of the most versatile cartriges out there. A very straight forward case to reload. You can find loading info. from target loads to some real heavy hitters with the Ruger. I don't know if the cylinder throats have the same problem in the Redhawk, as the Single Actions or not. but it is an easily & cheaply solved problem if they do. 5 1/2" is a great length in any revolver, in My humble opinion. Redhawks in general are built like a tank, & shoot great.

Go For It !!!
if it were me and i had the money, i would pounce on it more for a huntin' handgun more than anything else. As a range gun for plinkin', she is large and heavy and will have an appetite so reloadin' will be essential.......

we have had zero problems loadin' the 45 colt for the vauero and find it to be an absolute joy to shoot slingin' a big piece of lead down range without all the kick and snortin' fire like the 44 mag......

there is just somethin' extremely gratifyin' about the 45 colt..............
Grab it BH. Most of my reloading is so I can shoot more, but, 45 LCs are a different animal. I really enjoy handling and loading them. Shooting provides a lot of fun, accuracy and not a whole bunch of recoil.
You guys talked me right into it. If it's there tonight I'll grab it. :)
i'd stay away from it.....can you give me the name and address of the shop?
:lol: Sure. I'm pretty sure I can beat you there. :lol:
If all goes well I'll be posting pics tonight. :)
It's in the gallery! :D
She will soon be all ya need or want pal.
5 grains of unique is what I use for sass behind a 200 grain lead bullet.
That's not much powder. Do you use any type of filler? I'm going with 9.5 grains I think. I'm discussing this at .net with Iowegan. :)
rechecked it its 5.8 sorry still as you say its not much but its a load that I use for sass and I got it out of the Hornady 7th addition books. they say its around 800 fps. I don't have a cronie so I haven't check it myself. But its a nice load fun to shoot, and it rings steel. I see no need for all the bag if ya can't hit what your shooting at. Besides I shoot paper and steel tragets sorta short of bg's around here these days.
I'll be shooting paper too. lots of it. I just want to try a few different loads and i want something on hand that could work for a SD or maybe even a hunting round. :)
I understand always liked WW296 for jacketed bullets. What ever weight of bullet I start out in the middle of the load they show if its hotter than I want I move down one grain at a time or move up one grain at a time. Then once I have found one that I like I fine tune it with the 10th of grains and log in my book and that is my custom load for me.

Interesting if you want to push it.
Terry_P said:

Interesting if you want to push it.
Cool link Terry! I have a fetish for reloading data! ;)
The Deadeye Reference Library is growing by the day! :D
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