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45 GAP

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Does anyone use this at all? When it was developed, a couple glock-maniacs I know were on their high horse "See, we have a 45 now, too" but Im not sure I have ever seen one in a shop. Maybe at a rental counter. Did the world realize that no handgun round is a match for a 45 auto?
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Glocks are pretty good weapons, but in my opinion sombody had a brain fart when they
let the 45 GAP out the door, don't you.
I just don't see a need for the .45 GAP any more than I see a need for a .357 Sig. As much as I love Sig handguns, I have no desire to have anything in .357 Sig.....
The XD's come in 45 Gap. I wouldn't waste my money. The 45 auto is good enough for me.
The XD's come in real .45ACP, too, and I want one...someday.....
If you all keep talking about the XD in .45acp, I'm gonna have to get, what's with that funky lever on the trigger......
The new issued sidearm of the Pen State Police - Glock 37
The .45 GAP was an answer to a question nobody asked.
I'm debating on getting the Glock 36 which is single stack .45 ACP still. Just don't like the bulk of the double stack grip or the burs and sharp edges of a 1911....

But am attracted to the Kimber line up

Ultra Carry II
3" barrel
night sights

But that frinken beavertail can hurt..... :eek:
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glock thought they had a winner on their hands with the gap.
its sole purpose was to give near 45acp performance and high capacity in a handgun format the size of a 9mm. Purty close ballistics i gather with lighter bullets, but lagin' a bit in the 230 gr dept.

The round suffers from available choices in ammo, and suffers in price accordingly. While the idea may had been sound, few other firearm makers jumped on the band wagon. Springfield xd did, but later also came out with the 45 acp with a comfortable grip(at least in my hands)---same goes for the glock 21SF which is a 45acp that does not feel near as blocky as the standard 21. Results are the standard acp guns out-sellin' the gap guns in like models. I will be suprised if anyone else gets into the gap market---and also wonder if springfield will stay in the gap market--other than to be a thorn in glock's side..............

I also find few gunshops that carry the gap guns or the gap ammo, and when they do, the selections in both are lackin'.

From just the ammo standpoint, the acp is the better way to go where there are tons of options both domestic and import in choices, and with these choices, the acp is competitive within itself so therefore we can find especially fmj ammo at cheaper prices than the gap offerings.............

i'd take one as a gift, but would not out-right buy one.............
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Wizard said:
If you all keep talking about the XD in .45acp, I'm gonna have to get, what's with that funky lever on the trigger......
It's a trigger safety.
Count me in as another who has zero interest in the GAP. I would like to see Springfield release the XD series in 10mm however as an answer to the Glock 20. :D
Why is a trigger safty necessary? My Kahr is DAO and does not have a trigger safty, and after 1000 rounds, I don't think it needs one
I have no idea. :?
Best place for a safety would obviously be in the trigger. At least the XD has the grip safety as well.

Glock fanatics are a people that I will go to my grave not understanding.
I do want to and someday will shoot an XD, because I am very curious...but, I like a wide, smooth trigger....guess thats one reason I like the Kahr so well....

One more question: Does the XD fully support the cartridge, or is it like the Glock?
my understanding of it is that it is fully supported---but don't take my word for it.........
Best place for the safety would be in the shooter's ear...about 4" in....
My P97 doesn't have any safety, but it also doesn't pretend to have one on it. It's honest like that. Same with the old man's Sigma. "Pull the trigger, I will click. Or go bang. Your choice."
My sentiments exactly!~!!!
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