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50th anniversary 357's

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I love these guns. :D

Here they are dressed.

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You are making me jealous. Nice leather too.
I really need a set like that....beautiful.....
Wizard was it you that had ordered a holster set from the same place that made mine?
Yea...I got it and it was a little bit big, but I could wear, I've lost 22lbs, and I can't wear it at all. I'm going to wait a couple more months, and see how much more I lose, and then carry it to a leather guy down in Ocala, and see if there is something he can do.....
Post pics of it if you can. :)
Nice rig!
Hey Wizard, I think I found your 22 pounds.
Still ahead of you, I'm down 24 lbs.....if I can keep it up, I would like to lose 48 more.....that will put me at 200.....haven't see that for 20 years.....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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