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Heres a funny story and I hope if nothing else you'll appreciate the comical value and the sad fact that no matter what hobby you enjoy there's always a clown trying to diminish either you person, your toys, you car, or just about anything some individuals of privelige believe they are entitled to do average Joes like myself who grew up making the best of what you could afford, and appreciating and feeling blessed even if its not the best or most expensive.

The 783 Unlike the 700 theres almost no stocks for it, or really anything aside from a metal trigger guard. So being someone who likes to venture outside the standard, and not having tons of money growing up, I've always liked to try and get the most from the least, be it cars, guns, or anything mechanical or performance driven. Guns a great platform to prove spending more doesn't guarantee anything, and a lousy marksman thas can't make shots with a $500 rifle won't still be a lousy marksman with a $20,000 rifle. and below is what happens when an indiviual of privlege and entitlement got spanked by the poor guy.

One day i was out at a range with a long range section with 100 up through 850, with steel as well as the choice for targets. I was there with my DPMS LR308, I picked it up as new old stock from a shop that had it sitting around since the early 2000s. It was the precision model with 24" Stainless Bull barrel, and I just pitch the lousy trigger for a match drop in with 2.5lb pull, and added a new grip and PRS adjustable stock plus a bipod, and topped off with a 5-25x50 Vortex Viper PSTII scope. I can make 850 yards all day long with factory Sierra Matchking 168s. All in I had $1400 in the gun with accessories, and got the scope on ebay new in the box in an auction with no reserve for $600 despite it retails for quite a bit more, and so i was all in at $2000 total.

A couple lanes down this guy shows up with this bright red precision rifle chassis, which turns out to be an Accuracy international AT-X6.5. which he claimed to have paid $5600 for, then he committed a mortal sin and did a barrel swap and installed a 24" Carbon Fiber Proof Research barrel for another $1350, then another $1000 for a suppressor, and topped it of with a Steiner M7Xi 4-28x56 Optic for a staggering $5459. Grand total $13,409! Now I wasn't a fan of the red chassis, and despise 6.5 creedmoor, but theres no denying any thing from Accuracy International is like beautiful art and this was no exception.

Now this guy decides its time to brag and diminish my presence on the range. He paid a dishonest sounding compliment on my DPMS,, then ask what I brought along to actually shoot. HuH? a little puzzled i said you're looking at it. to which he laughed and when asked what was so funny he said despite the fact that a .308 is an obsolete round, even with a bolt action i'd be hard pressed to make 500 yards, let alone attempt any type of distance with a crummy autoloader. Then seeing i'm pissed he appologizes and says he forgets not everyone has money for big name equipment like he does, then says sorry again says he knows he has a problem being wealthy and is working on trying to take peoples feelings into account before saying hurtful things. lol Believe me I couldn't make this story up if I tried.

So I say no problem and asked if he'd like to make a bet with me with my gun vs his, the distances were 100, 200, 300, 400, 550, 650, 700, and 850. the rules were to load up 10 rounds, and you had to ring all the targets to the 850, then if you missed any you could make it back with the last two rounds.. then to finish we put a paper target at the 100 and the winner was the shooter who didnt use the two spare rounds, combined with the best 3 shot group. The bet was $200.

Now based on his equipment he could have been some pro, but his attitude and puzzling configuration and all the bragging had me convinced he was a spoiled rich kid with a gun fetish that ran wild with pops credit card one day.

We flipped a coin, and shot first. and we did one practice followed immediatly into the real test.

In the practice run I missed the 550 somehow and missed the 700 but hit the 850 not sure why, but any , right into the real run, and I made all the steel plus didn't need any of the two available makeup shots, and I manage just a hair over .75 and for me and that gun i'm always 1 moa max. so a good day. I apprently got a decent LRs as some guys claim theirs wont do a minute let alone half that, and other rave it shoots like mine. I have a friend whose an ex marine sniper and he makes .5 with it conistantly.

Now the clown is up and hits all the steel for the practice, then gets to the 550 and then poof never made the 650,700 or 850 and missed with the spares, now he goes for the 100 and first round hits the upper right corner and the last two off the paper completely.. ha ha ha. His genius decision to be cool with that carbon fiber barrel did exactly what they do. which is get hot, and lose all accuracy. I'v seen it many times. no matter how fat it looks, its just a thin steel core wrapped in carbon and they mimick the same loses you see with a lightweight hunting barrels. now you let them cool 30 min and they come right back, but they just will not tolerate continous shooting like a real steel bull will. Ive run 2 20 round mags through mine and you can still grab and grip the barrel, do that with my other AR10 with a std medium profile and you'll burn your fingers off. Carbon is for running around the woods hunting and if you take a shot or two they're accurate as can be, but you never see them on sniper rifles. I spent a career as a LEO and nothing but steel. weight is irrelevent shooting prone or from the bench.

Now humbled the guy actually pays up but is convinced the rifle is the issue, and how he's gonna make Accuracy fix it, and explain how he was outshot by a crummy 308 autoloader. lol Moral is all you money won't fix lack of skill or poor choices configuring a weapon. and with that heres my project. I think it came out really well but you can be the judge and by no means do Its would ever compete with a true big dollar competition weapon nor am I a record holding marksman. I'm simply a middle age guy that grew up around guns, carried guns for work, and had tons of tactical training over the years, and try to stay as current as I can, and will be doing so till i can no longer see or walk lol. I just consider myself a good consistent shooter and my strong point is that even at my worst I always have enough skill to put a smartass in there place.

Now why a 783? well its like this The gun out of the box, from the cheasy polymer flexible stock to the light weight barrel, crummy scope and mounts, plastic trigger guard and so on. is just a poster child for low quality. That said, if you actually get into the gun and strip it down to its bare barreled action, its really not bad. even with the cheap barrel its extremely accurate, and the factory adjustable trigger isn't bad at all either. As hard as it was for me to find a decent shooting position, I actually managed 850 yards with but of course after 6-8 rounds the barrels overheated and you can't hit paper at 100 yards but it is what it is. Most would sell it for peanuts or give to a friend, but being it was a gift from a family member I could never part with it. Lastly it was free, so you use what you have.

So recently I had the safe open and got to thinking , how can I turn this wannabe 700 into a half decent target rifle, and in the hands of a good marksman actually shoot on par with a lot of pricey big names. I have read many articles online with guys who did some limited upgrades with the few upgrades that exist, but most simply did triggers, or extned magazines, etc. one guy bedded the oem stock to get the flex out, and really not much else. First I thought i just fit a nice tactical stock, but they are impossible. the 700 has a million but not this slug. Mcmillain doesn't and i couldn't even find a knock McMilan style for it, Magpul has a nice 700 unit, but no 783, and then I stumbled upon MDT and their XRS Chassis and they actually had one for the 783. So i shopped around and found one for right around $500 which is pricey but no worse than a McMillan. Now for what to do with the rifle, first was to lose the 22" factory barrel as its really junk and way to flimsy. I did some shopping and found Prefered Barrel Blanks that makes custom bolt action barrels to your specs, for nearly every popular modern rifle. They're really knowledgeable and honest as well by instanly telling me not to buy their carbon barrels for extended shooting, which I knew but had I not he could have made another grand from my ignorance so i appreciated that.

I decided on a 24" Full Bull profile, in Matte Stainless with a 5R 1/10 twist in .308 threaded and fitted with a brake. I shipped them the rifle less the stock and they removed and installed the new barrel along with checking and setting the head space and confirming all was in spec. Total was $650 which included the barrel, brake, installation and setup, and if I had sent the chassis they'd had insalled the action in it as well. I didn't but when it arrived 6 weeks later the install was less than 30 seconds and the take down screws were integrated and not removable from the chassis, and it was almost scary how the fit was so perfect i literally just twisted the allen head as the screws were dead on and threaded with no wiggling.. I also bought a pair of 10 round box mags from MDT, then topped the receiver with a 20MOA Leupold rail for $48 and then won an auction on ebay for a new in the box Vortex Venom in 5-25x56 for $365 and saved a bunch as they are $499 -$599 most other places. only dowside is i'm used to MRAD, and prefer it to MOA but i know both, and for the price it worth dealing with. lastly a bipod and just waiting to hit the range to sight in and test. total cost $1563

Let me know your thoughts, and again its no worked 700 but i think it will be surprisingly accurate. and at 1000 yards or less its perfect. after at that distance in standard daylight and conditions, what will an average guy gain with a $5400 scope?? or a $5600 rifle other than bragging rights. I'd wager the average guy cannot do better one way or the other, and in the hands of a true pro i think this setup would perform admirably well. Also my idea of accuracy as do most peoples perception vary widley , for me our of the world of law enforcment where the average sniper shot is under 75 yards, making a head shot, a skilled sniper has a solid 95% plus chance of success. and if you can ring steel out to a 1000, then a body size target is hight probably as well, then competition and 30 inch barrels and rifles mounted in jigs making these tiny shots is a whole different level. Thats said here it is, and if anyone's out there with any oddball frankensteins i'd love to hear about them.

Almost forgot, can you believe it weighs in at 16.8 pounds?

Shoot often, have fun, and most importantly stay safe!

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