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A few pic's of My 1903A3.

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My old 1903A3 Springfield (Remington, 1943) This started in full military trim. I have been chastised for desecrating a very nice old "03" but guns do nothing for Me sitting in the safe. I own them to use them. I've actually had it for about 40 years, but I finished it about six years ago. This is what happens after 3 1/2 years work, & a lot of sweat, a little blood, a lot of machining, woodworking, polishing bluing, new parts, etc. At the time I wasn't too sure it was worth it all, but now, there isn't enough money to buy it. ( Or enough money to make Me do it again !!! ) The straight grained French Walnut stock, started out life as a 2" X 10" X 5' board. It's all home grown, except the barell machining. I had an old friend,(at 88 Yrs. old) who has since passed away who did the machining on the 18" barrel etc. Everything is high polish blued, & the bolt is the high nickel steel, & just polished bright. It was a "lot" of work ! I'd like to have the bolt engine turned, but don't know who does that type of finishing. The scope on it is just a 2 1/2 power Tasco compact, which is plenty, for where we hunt. The trigger is a Timney, set @ just under 2#, & very, very smooth & crisp. For Me, it's nearly perfect. :mrgreen:

I don't have a solution, but I admire your problem.
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You did a fantastic job with that one, Jim! I'd be proud to own a gun as fine as that! :cool:
That, indeed, is beautiful
a labor of love as they say with a lot of memories made in the process.........
How does she shoot?
deputy125 said:
a labor of love as they say with a lot of memories made in the process.........
How does she shoot?
It took a while to find a load it liked, with the short barrel. Paul, @ Sierra's help line told Me which powder to use for the 18" barrel, (IMR-4895) & a sierra 150 Gr. works perfectly, & it is now a fantastic shooter. It's not quite as fast as a 22" barrel, but the deer don't seem to complain !

good to hear............

i am by far, no xpert when it comes to reloading but one thing that i've noticed over the years is a moderate velocity and (strangley) a RN bullet often are the easiest combo to get a good group with-----at least in my case.
In all the years I had to hunt & reload with My Dad, the only bullets I ever saw Him buy or use, were "round nose" Remington's or Hornady's. He just wouldn't use pointed bullets in anything He had. He always told Me that the round nose were more acurate, & expanded better. I have used round nose & flat nose in My lever guns, & a few other times, ( round nose worked superbly in My Swedish Mauser 6.5 X 55 ), but I normally stick with pointed ones, & mostly Sierra's, or Nosler's.
I love 1903A3 and your is the prettest I've seen and
the 1st in a full stock . SUPER SHARP
Gorgeous stock!!!!!! Do you have to hand-cock the plunger or does it do it with the bolt...I haven't handled an '03 since the 60s....303 British or Springfield, if I remember????? Man, that stock is a beauty!~!!!
The only reason the 03's had the "pull knob", was in case of a mis-fire. It gave You a second chance to hit the primer, without opening the bolt, instead of possibly opening the bolt on a hangfire, or some such malfunction. :shock:
The WW I 1903's, & WW II 1903A3's were in 30-06 caliber. I have always, since I was just a little kid, admired the Mannlicher Schonauer full stock rifles. One of My Dad's friends had one in .257 Roberts, & I thought it was the best looking rifle I'd ever seen !
( Still do ! ) I Just couldn't really afford one !! So, I made My own. I also have the same affection for Ruger's International series rifles. ( 10/22's, Mdl. 77's, & #1's ) Just love'm all !!
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This info is where my question came from:
History: The Model M-1903 was the direct result of the Krags lack of power. It was designed and produced in its original form by the US arsenals at Springfield, Mass. and Rock Island, Ill. It is a close copy to the Mausers that the Krag was used against in the Spanish-American war. Many of the attributes of the Mauser was copied in the new design, The main thing being the bolt lock and action. It retained 5 rounds of the new US 30-03 ammo. It was found after production started that the new ammo was far from being the perfect round and a new ammo design was sought after. In 1906 the new service round was adapted (hence the name .30-06). It was a better designed round with vast improvements in power.

All of the previously produced model 1903's chambered for the 03 cartridge were converted to the newer round. and it is very unlikely that you will ever encounter any unaltered examples other than in a museum. The US Springfield rifle served the longest life of any other modern service rifle. Examples of the Springfield rifle were used till the end of the Korean conflict in its sniper version. The model 1903A3 was a production improvement over the older model to cut down on the materials and time required producing the rifle.

I thought that meant 303---I'm not much on the old rifles...just fuzzy memories of what few I saw in Pa. as a kid....that stock would look good on any many hours did it take you to get it perfect??????
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Thank You for the compliment. I couldn't really say how many "hours", but "a lot" ! As I say above, probably 3 1/2 Years of spare time, in off work hours. But not steady, so as to not tire of working on it. There is just something about a "full stock", I guess, that takes Me back in time to the age of the "Kentucky & Pennsylvania" long rifles. I still think they are beautiful too !!!
I'd still like a 10/22 with the full rifle!!!
Right nice work there, .41!

Over the last 50 years or so I've had a couple of old '03S, but none that nice.
I am such a newbie that my comments cannot account for much. Still, that has got to be the most beautiful rifle ever! You are one talented and patient man. Enjoy your rifle and may it put plenty of deer meat on your table. That is meant to be shown off with pride. I don't understand bluing or the difference in bullets but I know gorgeous when I see it.
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