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A L00K at .45 APC AMMO

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~What's Your Favorite~
~A L00K at .45 APC AMMO Performance by each Manufacturer~
~.45 ACP AMMO REVIEW~P220 & 1911~
~Click The LINK:

~About the Prettiest Mushroom I ever saw~
~It's a Sweet Pic of Bullet Expansion...<:))
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gotta love the 45...........gotta love that sig in the article as well........ :)
I shoot FMJ's. I also don't use my 45 for self defense.
I'm sorry.....
Don't be. The ones I use will get the job done just fine. ;)
Yeah, but you miss all those tshirts and hi-fives.......
See my bubble? No you don't. That's because you just busted it. :(
In my room, I keep quick access to my P226, Kahr CW9, GP100, and Norinco 1911A1 (.45acp)....the GP100 and 4 speedloaders have Fed HydraShock in them....the Norc and 3 mags have Rem Golden Sabers, and the P226 and Kahr have Winchester Ranger +P+ in them.....I like rounds that muchroom..... :D
Of course now that I have a .45 ACP again :eek: yep that's right look out. :lol: Well anyways, I have a greater interest again in this round. The one I have right now will serve as a good range and home gun, as I love big bore anyway.
I'm going to be using my 45 Colt Vaqueros for everything from now on. Hunting, offense, defense and of course pistol whipping.
Was it a pink bubble???? Or snot green????
sheepdog said:
Was it a pink bubble???? Or snot green????
Yes. :)
Me likey a lot! :twisted:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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