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A long one for BH

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This is, was my deer gun for years.

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Is that a 10.5"? That's crazy. We'll have to call you Wyatt. :)
Yes it is a 10.5, good shooter and lots of fun, just hard to lug around, I use a Uncle Mikes bandoleer type
holster for it. :)
I'd just hurt myself with a revolver that big. I'd probably poke my eye out or something. :|
that'l work!!!!!
i've seen folks actually sling revolvers like that instead of holsters.........

I really like the t/c contenders, but a revolver for huntin' just plain looks "right" .
I've had two of those, (blue, & Stnls.) for quite a few years. They're a great Whitetail tool, if You are sitting in a blind. Just a little clumsy to carry. For "still hunting" I now carry the 5 1/2" if I decide to take the .44, or I take the .45 LC in 7 1/2".

That's quite a nice hog-leg! I'd think it'd be ideal for deer and other medium-sized game. :D
Fine lookin' revolver. In a hip holster, that would reach half way down my calf..... :lol:
If I had a belt holster it would drag on the ground. :lol: :lol:
I like those long barrel guns, they are FUN to shoot.

That is NICE!
Saw this one too. :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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