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A New Toy

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Call it a sickness, a disease. I don't think it's treatable. Yesterday I got the thought of adding a compact .40 S&W to my CCW collection. I posted a request for inputs on the Springfield XD-40 and I appreciate everybody's inputs. Last night at work I was thinking a compact 9mm wouldn't be a bad idea. Buffalo Bore Ammunition has some pretty stout loads these days including a 9mm 115gr JHP +P+ with muzzle energy in excess of 500 ft/lbs. I have shot that load through my SR-9 and the recoil was quite manageable.

After lunch today I went looking. I looked at compact 9mm and .40 S&W by Springfield, Taurus, Walther, Smith & Wesson. I settled on this 9mm Sig Sauer P250:

Call it an impulse buy. I figure if I die I have enough life insurance to cover it. My wife says it will cost me dearly but I have no idea what she wants.

I have never owned a Sig, but have heard many good things about them and very few bad. When I got home and went on their web site, I discovered this gun is "modular" and can be converted from 9mm to .357 Sig/.40 S&W/.45 ACP. I like the idea of turning this into a .40 S&W. I don't think the kits are available yet and have no idea what the price will be (I'll bet it ain't cheap). The feel is great and it is an extremely easy gun to take down.

Range report to follow.
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Nice toy, I think you will like it. :)
Congrats on the new gun! I've never owned any Sigs so I can't comment. Wizard is our resident Sig nut. :mrgreen: Hope you enjoy it. :)
:D Very NICE!!!

I can't wait for a range report to get your full impression. :)
Now I understand....the meaning of "signut ring"....Wiz has brightened my dark little mind again.......
Job well done! :D
i'm ignorant about that model........

looking forward to a repor!!!
The P250 is definately a modular gun...personally, I think the ones that will benefit from that are Law Enforcement and the Military. The only thing that has a serial # on it is the action. That same action will fit three different size frames (when they are available). Prices of the frame/barrel kits are not known at this time...I have heard they will be in the $250 - $400 range. The entire gun can be disassembled in about 1 minute....very simple, very straightforward.

While I think the P250 would be a fine gun to own, the above mentioned agencies will benifit most from them...different people have different sized hands.....1 gun, 3 frames, perfect fit for every is a wonderful concept, but Sig should have had the kits ready to go when they put the gun on the market.

I think you will enjoy the P250......I still want another P226......or maybe a P229.....or even a P220, if they could get the extractor problem fixed.....
Wiz, that's the first time I've heard anything but good about a 220---what's up? I've always wanted a Sig .45-want to see one with the new DAK trigger....the decocker's on the wrong side for me.....I've always looked on Sigs as the best of the best....
Michael, I'm so proud of you ! Congrats! Great guns. And yes , it's a sickness.
And no, this won't be your last Sig.
Nice. Now we need a range report. ;)
local gun shop wanted me to buy an old police trade in sig 9mm. They actually wanted to trade me out of my s&w 642....i turned them down.
Sheepdog, the P220 was first made in Germany, and was an excellent gun (they are stamped on the slide, “Made in Germany”). The frame and slide serial #’s should match…..Then, a couple of years ago, or so, SigArms in Exeter, NH started making them. IIRC, they had external extractors. That’s when the problems began….failure to feed, usually the last round, but as it was shot more, then it would happen on the 2nd, 3rd, and so on. SigArms has now changed their name back to Sig Sauer (sp). The started using an internal extractor earlier this year, and it really doesn’t seem to be solving the problem. A lot of folks have returned their P220’s to Sig and, Sig makes it run….but shipping cost is borne by the customer. BTW: it first started on the Carry model but now seems like it happens to any P220…..

I believe that Bruce Gray at Gray Guns had designed an extractor that is supposed to solve the problem….but, imho, an $800 gun should not have an extractor problem. The Grey Guns extractor has a different shaped pawl and is somewhat beefier.

This is only happening on the P220’s in .45acp….not on any of the other “P” models.

Btw: the only problem I have heard about the P250 is light primer strikes, and that only seems to happen when the shooter is using NATO ammunition….their primers are evidently much harder than CCI, Win, and Federal…..

Having said all this, I would still like to have a P220 (though I would prefer a German made), and I would like to shoot a P250, because I think I would really like that gun…..but, I want it in .45acp when it comes out…..
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thanks for the Sig-nificant rundown...I knew they'd changed names but nothing about the troubles...why do folks wanta improve on perfect??? Appreciate your response..mighta kept this old dog from being snake-bitten....
I'm still gonna get a P220, one of these days, but, I'm looking for the German variety....I know those work..... :D
I may find one in the used market, too...they can be sent back and made least they used to do that...for a price......that'd be the best for a lefty like me...and their DA trigger's smooth to start with....we'll see....if I can even find a used one......
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