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Anyone here like Taurus?

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A nod to Eddie's post regarding Rugers. If you like/own any Taurus products let it be known in this thread gentlemen. :D

I currently have 5 Taurus products - a blued PT92, a blued PT1911, a stainless M94, a stainless Tracker .357 and a stainless Raging Bull .500 Magnum. I've owned other Taurus firearms in the past but had to part ways with them for one reason or another. Now I need to add more. :mrgreen:
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I just sold my M85 357, but I still have my PT 1911!! I really like that gun. :D
I loved their 431 .44Spl, wanted the newer ones but haven't found them, loved their 7-shot .357 snub...they've come out with a lot of great revolvers...don't like their autos because of all the fiddleswitches....druther see them do decocker than safety switch....the .45 Gov't model type looks interesting...for holster only gripes are smartass customer service reps and they discontinue models really often....their quality is exponentially better than the 70s guns were.....
I have owned a few over the years. I have had a Taurus Tracker .45 colt, a older .357, one of the Beretta type 9mms, and one of their .45 ACPs. You can tell I can't remember none of the model numbers! Anyway, I never had a problem with any of these guns. I have heard folks bad mouth Taurus, but I have had good luck with them. My only problem with them is the re-sale value. They just don't hold their value like Rugers, Smiths, and Colts.
i know the mdl 85's are dang good and i've known officer to carry the 92 and they never had any problems........
My wife has a .38 snubby, despurred hammer (I think it's a model 65), in stainless. The only thing she doen't like is the trigger....not smooth, and rather heavy. I had one just like it years ago, but traded it on my SP101.....
What's the difference between a blued gun (?) and a stainless? I guess I should have asked what is a blued gun? We can make it a Taurus so this question will fit here.
The type of steel and how it is finished. ... 0Stainless
Thanks Terry. The difference is also visual. Is there extra care for a blued gun?
A little. Stainless is less prone to rusting, but it still can if really negelcted. Blued guns need to be wiped down after use to prevent surface rust. With the quality of todays steel, the choice is more cosmetic than anything. Unless you are planning on carrying a gun on the ocean, then you would want really want stainless.
I have been interested in the 24/7 OSS Tactical line, but not running out to buy one yet.
Natalie said:
What's the difference between a blued gun (?) and a stainless? I guess I should have asked what is a blued gun? We can make it a Taurus so this question will fit here.
Natalie, there are also black stainless finishes used by S&W, Sig Sauer, Springfield. etc.
All we're supposed to refer to those as "other than white"....don't want John Wiley Price and the esteemed Dallas County fathers(and mothers!!!) all upset, now....don't be givin' the forum a black eye!!! And I think he's just a Raging Bull (to make it fit here)
SgtKnuckles said:
Well, I would like to get One...<:))
Any particular model, Sgt? :D I really need another PT1911.. and another PT92... and a Raging Bull in .44... one in .454 couldn't hurt either.. and a Tracker 970 and and and and.... I sound like a 5 year old kid before Christmas with a list a foot long to share with Santa. :lol:
Taurus_9mm,... I Kinda Feel The Love For This One...<:))

Taurus Model PT-1911 Large Frame Pistols 1191101DT
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I like that one a lot! Here's mine. :D

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I have the Taurus 24/7 .40 15 in the clip and 1 in the chamber and the mill. pro pt-140 10 in the clip and 1 in the chamber and love them both. The pt-140 is so easy to conceal and all the bad talk about being reliable is wrong. I have put 450 rounds so far in my 24/7 and had 0 FTF and 0 FTE. And you cant beat the prices. 24/7 out the door was $384.00 and the pt-140 was $340.oo out the door. And Im sure you could find them cheaper. :D
I only have that one Taurus, but it's a good one. I've never fired or even handled any other Taurus Semis.
Although I've handled quite a few Taurus handguns thru the years, I've never owned one. Lots of friends & family members do, so I get to use them once in a while, & have really liked several of them. Three times I remember looking for a Taurus, & all three times I came home with something else. Something I don't like with Taurus, is something they share with Ruger, & that is the billboards on their barrel's & slides. I love the "Raging Bull" in .454, it is a beautiful & great shooting handgun, but that stupid hokey billboard just does nothing for Me. I mean, "after all, if I bought it, I already know what it is" !
I really liked the Gaucho S.A. they made, except for the huge "Taurus" engraved on it. I know they can be polished out or removed, but I just don't see the need for them to start with. Something discreet, would more than serve the purpose. They take what is many times a beautiful handgun, & turn it into a portable advertising billboard !
Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, it's just the way I feel, even with the Rugers, although I guess I do tend to overlook it more with the Rugers.
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