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Blonde Medical Student

Debbie was really sick of "blond" jokes. As an attractive, blond, newly-arrived medical student at the University of Utah, she felt disrespected -- as though the Utah natives considered her a California Blond Beach Bimbo. So Debbie decided to test her hypothesis. She dyed her hair dark black. Then she went to a new area on the medical school grounds to see if people treated her differently.

She saw a farmer unloading a truckload of sheep for the artificial heart program. "You know, I'm a medical student." The farmer just nodded.

"I'm quite smart." The farmer smiled. "I'm sure you are."

"Let me prove it." said Debbie. "Are they paying you for these sheep by the pound?"

The farmer said, "Yes, they've budgeted three thousand bucks. We have to weigh them to see how many I leave here." "Well, I'll bet you a hundred bucks I can calculate how many sheep that is, in my head."

The farmer leaned back and pursed his lips. "I don't have a hundred on me. But I'll bet a sheep against your hundred."

Debbie studied the flock as it milled around in the pen. "Thirty-seven! It will take 37 sheep." she said.

Sure enough, when the weighing was complete, the medical school had purchased 37 sheep. "Well, a bet's a bet." said the farmer. "Go pick a sheep from the rest of the flock."

Debbie ran into the flock and grabbed a fluffy black and white one. Holding it with both arms, she walked to her car. She heard the farmer call after her. "Hey, we farmers are pretty smart too."

"I'm sure you are." said Debbie.

"Let me prove it," the farmer asked. "If I can calculate the original color of your hair, can I have my dog back?"

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