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Howdy again ,
I just had to share this story with youall. I have a beautiful little Browning semi-auto 22 takedown rifle here, made by F N in Herstal Belgium in 1967.
It belongs to my best friend who had taken it apart and lost a few parts.
I took it apart, ordered the new parts, cleaned it up and got it back together.

He came out to pick it up. I went in to get us a couple beers and when I came back out he was looking in the gravel in my driveway.
Yep, he took the barrel off and all of the springs and plungers went a’ flyin!
I gave him a big magnet. He found some springs, which I got Lotsa springs and never found the plungers. But just like my Signature, “You can always make too much work.” Not enough, ain’t worth a damn! That’s why I ordered double of everything I got from Brownell’s!
Well at least all the payin customers wait till they get it home to screw them up again. He did it before it ever left my place!
Oh well! The little 22 goes to the back of the line again! LOL
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