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Buying a pig in a poke

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Last year I bought two Winchester model 1906's made in 1914.
Both cycled properly.
I did not however shoot them.
I went about to glass bead the metal parts and then cold blue them.
I then refinished the stocks.
Man, they looked brand new.
Last weekend I went to shoot them.
The hex barrel was a good shooter.
The round barrel however was not one to be bragged on.
Turns out after inspection of the internal working parts I found the problem.
These rifles are tube fed.
The bullets travel down the tube, enter a bullet carrier and wait to be brought up to the barrel.
When the pump is cycled, the bullet is brought up in position to be placed into the barrel and everything has to be in order.
The one with the problem clearly showed that the carrier was moving to the left of center which caused the bullet to not enter the barrel.
I found the hinge part of the carrier to be badly worn which was causing a sloppy movement.
Now, I set about to find parts.
Well, guess what! Only used parts are available.
The carrier is $175.00 and used! Really! I know I am not going to pay $175.00 for another worn carrier.
The pins were about $10.00 new. No problem paying for that.
I will have to brass bush the carrier to solve the problem.
So, be careful what you buy on Gunbroker, you may find yourself in a hurt.
I am going to my buddy's machine shop and make a bushing when the brass gets here from Amazon.
I will take pictures when I get the bushings installed.
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On a quick seach, Homestead and Jack First have some used and reproduction parts for the 1906 - - -

Winchester 1906 Original and Reproduction Firearm Gun Parts Winchester, HOMESTEAD GUN PARTS, Specializing in Old Winchester (

Winchester 1890, 1906, 62 .22 pump rifles (

I've read somewhere about some parts of the Taurus / Rossi Model 62 being interchangable with the Winchesters. Sorry I don't remember any more than that, which parts they are, etc.. Maybe someone on GF would know more. I hope you can get it good for less than two arms and a leg.
I have the same problem with a Rossi model 62. It is sitting in a shop waiting to be repaired.
@ Travler: Is your carrier the problem with your Rossi?
If so, picture it here.
It takes very little time to fix one, once the parts and install push parts are made.
Numrich Gun Parts, Jack First and Gun Parts Corp. were out of stock. Homestead in Arizona had one but a used part for $175.00 only leads back to the same problem.
I got a new hollow pin from Numrich, and it should be here Friday.
I talked to an old friend last night that ran the lathe in the machine shop in my past employment. He indicated that a .003 oversize press fit brass bushing would solve the problem.
There is very little room for a mistake so a lot of prep will be needed to drill and ream the old carrier, but once done the repair should last a long time.
I have access to a full-blown Machine shop.
I have machine shop training from the 60's and have owned two lathes of my own in the past.
I have brass round stock on the way.
Once I get the necessary items made to press the small brass item into the carrier and make the inserts, I will be set to repair several.
The friend that owns the shop has eight Winchester gallery guns.
We will check his rifles for slop too.
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Put a new part in it and it'll be good for another 115 years. Other than the steel those old firearms were made superior to anything out today. That of course is IMHO.
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To my surprise I got the parts from Numrich today.
I took them to the shop and opened the package.
Once I had them on the bench towel. I set about to install the: Replacement Winchester Model 1890, 1906 Assembling Screw Bushing, New | Gun Parts
Lo and behold it solved the slop problem.
Less than ten minutes to install it.
NO SLOP! The carrier is solid as a rock.
No need to make bushings.
I called my buddy that has eight 1906's.
After I talked to him together, we ordered nine new pins at $3.25 each.
Well guys, I am so happy that it was unnecessary to make bushings.
I plan to replace the one in my other 1906.
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You didn't order two in the first place ?

I'm glad the first one did nice for you !
@ bearcatter: I bought them from two different sellers.
The one that was faulty actually had matching serial numbers and looked great.
It cycled very good without a bullet in the carrier, however once the tube was loaded the problem showed up.
Had I known about the problem with the carrier bushing at the time, I could have saved myself some grief.
It actually took less than 10 minutes to fix the problem.
The other had a barrel change and needed some cosmetic work.
I will; however, change the bushing in that one also.
And the old Winchester lives on.
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@ Terry_P; I have for a week now been trying to fix the Winchester 1906 bolt.
The bolt that I have was an early third model with two pressed in pins holding the firing pin stop.
When I decided to drill the pins out of my bolt, I did not have a jig to hold the bolt at the proper angle.
The pins were in a blind hole and could not to be driven out the bottom.
That left me to try to rig it in the correct position in the drill press vise.
As any machinist knows the drill bit especially one that is as small as a #34 (less that 1/16") will lead off.
One mistake and the bit snaps, and the dreaded grind sound jumps out at you.
That never fails.
I was very careful to be cautious, but the pin was harder than is expected and I broke the drill bit off in the hole.
That is a machinist's or gun smith's nightmare.
Well one knows that a broken drill bit cannot be drilled out with a matching drill bit.
I worked and worked but after driving the punch in numerous times to shatter the broken bit, I could only get part of it out.
That leaves replacing it or filling it with liquid steel and try to drill again. I tried.
That did not work because the liquid steel is not really as hard as they claim.
That leaves replacing it with a later version third model with screws to hold the firing pin stop.
The screw type is best and as one can expect the pined bolts are not available anywhere.
Then comes the most used part in the rifle: The extractor, which is worn out.
I have found two places that have them and I hope to win the bid on Ebay or go to a secondary supplier.
I will eventually get this old rifle fixed, but, but, but.
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I feel your pain. My rossi is still at the gunsmiths shop.
One day i will get it back and shooting.
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What model Rossi is the one in the shop?
Is it similar to the Winchester pump?
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I won all three bids on Ebay.
Due in on the 28th.
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model 62. picked up a Savage pump ( 22 ). it is a ? model 29a.
? because there is no other marking, other than 22s l lr.
I think it is a 1940 + year. It will shoot
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@ Travler: Rossi 62 parts on Ebay:
12 pages of parts.
My Ebay parts arrived today.
I glass beaded the breach and then blued it.
I put it together and it is now running fine.
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(y) ... :cool:
Turns out I spoke too soon.
Once I got it back together it cycled just perfect.
I did not however fire it.
Yesterday, I did just that.
Well, it fired just great, but I had to pry the spent shell out of the barrel with a screwdriver.
It was so disfigured it was pitiful, all swelled and out of shape.
I made a few calls, and it was determined that the barrel is bad.
I ordered a new octagon barrel from
It is on the way.
I spoke to Benbow and Beck Gunsmiths today.
The said they would change the barrel for me and that will add more costs.
I am now at a price over its actual value as an original rifle due to the barrel change even though it has matching serial numbers.
I guess it will just stay in the safe until my demise.
That way I will never know what I lost.
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Hey when you get it all solved it shoots well then what to hell you can't take it with you. Just enjoy it.
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