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Caliber and gun type

Caliber and Hand gun choice

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Ok let's say that you have to leave your house in a big, big hurry. Maybe a nuke has gone off 90 miles away. Whatever the situation is you have to bolt. Now I think most here would want a gun with them. I know I would. The thing is you have to travel light and fast. No long gun. Now which hand gun would you want with you and which caliber? Let's just use the calibers in the poll. I don't want to list a million. And gun choice is simple. Revolver or semi auto. Why the combo you picked?
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I voted 9mm in semi. It's what I have the most ammo for on hand, and have clips loaded and ready to go.

If ammo wasn't an issue then I would grap the 6" GP100, and all the .357 mags and .38's I had on hand.
So then 357 magnum and a revolver should have been your first choice. I'm just wondering what people would want to have. Not so much what they have.
The ruger p90......................
Revolver, not much to go wrong with them, 357/38 every one sells it, won’t be hard to find if you need to do some night shopping. 22 would be good two.
XLCH said:
Revolver, not much to go wrong with them, 357/38 every one sells it, won’t be hard to find if you need to do some night shopping. 22 would be good two.
That's my thinking too. I picked revolver and 357, but I'm thinking 45 acp might be a good choice too.
Bountyhunter said:
XLCH said:
Revolver, not much to go wrong with them, 357/38 every one sells it, won’t be hard to find if you need to do some night shopping. 22 would be good two.
That's my thinking too. I picked revolver and 357, but I'm thinking 45 acp might be a good choice too.

45 ACP is a good choice two +1
I have to go with my Colt 1911 for these reasons:

1. Easier to carry/conceal VS revolver.
2. Mags. also carry/conceal better than speed loaders.
3. .45acp=Stopping power (the regular military may have gone to 9mm, but special forces still carry 1911s for stopping power & you can't beat a John M Browning design even 100yrs. later).
4. More rds. than revolver=less reloading.
5. Time comes I need a 9mm there'll be plenty of them laying on the ground. :twisted:
Deadeye nailed it!!! We need to arm with something that gives us a defensive/offensive edge...then, collect the spoils of war as backup and resupply for friendlies...and we'll probably find the enemy using more 9mm than any caliber.....our .45 ammo may be harder and harder to find....but I'll sure start there....2 .45s, 10 clips, and 1000 rounds seems to be a good start....I've taught my boys in any action like that in this country, don't leave any weaponry/ammo lying around...if it's decent...take it, share it, stash it.....if it's crap, sink it or destroy it another way....there won't be any ordering at Midway or Cabella's....we'll learn to use what we can liberate....the question is not whether or's when....
Ok so for those of you who chose semi auto, what if this turns out to be a longer than expected bug out? Do you think that a semi will hold up as well and be as dependable as a revolver in the long run? I know that a GP100 will still shoot even if it's filthy and been tossed around and beat on for a long while. Can the same be said for a semi? I'm looking at long term here. Sure a semi will give an advantage as long as it's clean and fed the right ammo and taken care of. Some will hold up better than others of course, but won't they all break down sooner than a revolver?

As far as 45 acp goes, it's a great caliber for offense and defense. I'm wondering if a person would be able to find as much of it laying around after a bit. Would the 357 be easier to get your hands on? Everyone and their mom has a 357 I think. One las thing. Weight. The 357 rounds are lighter and would allow the average person to carry more rounds than the heavier 45 acp rounds. True?
I also voted .45, for the same reasons stated above. If a .45 does get dirty, it doesn't take long to field strip and clean (as best as possible), and reassemble.....
i like the concept and package----just despise the weapon on this one ... sFirearm=Y

Kit contains:
SW9VE (10+1 Rounds)
Waterproof Hardigg® Storm Case
Crank Radio and Flashlight Combo
Pocket Survival Pack
Light & Fast Trail First Aid Kit
Emergency Food for 4 People (for 3 days)
12" x 12" Waterproof Document Bag
Water Purification Tablets
44 Mag Multi-Tool and Case
(4) Space Blankets

i also like the concept on this one, though i'm not into pistol grip shotguns ... n=products

JIC™ 500® Cruiser® kit includes:
500® Cruiser® 12 gauge pump-action, 6-round capacity, 18-1/2” barrel, bead sight, blued metal finish
Waterproof Survival Kit-In-A-Can, containing the necessities to keep you going when an emergency strikes
Floating synthetic carrying-tube with shoulder strap
Tube includes a heavy-duty synthetic seal, factory tested to be air-tight and waterproof to a minimum of 17psi or 40’ when properly installed
Gun lock
Swivel studs
Owner’s manual
Contents packaged in heavy-duty re-sealable bag
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Nice kits! I have my own. :D
The M1911 A1 was designed for trench warfare, down in the dirt Hun kill'n. All of the new fancy competion 1911 clones would not be good choices for this purpose. They are designed with tight tolerences for accuracy. I'm talking about a 1911 that was designed for fight'n. The M1911 A1 had looser frame to slide tolerences so it would run even when dirty. Its the same thing as in Viet Nam when our guys had to stop in the middle of a fight to strip & clean a M-16. While they were doing that the Gooks with SKSs & AK-47s where busy sneek'n up for an ambush. Everybody seems to think that they want a super accurate pistol (thats fine for the range), but when the "Metal meets the meat" your going to be point shooting & all fancy shit's gonna go right out the window. I suggest reading "Dead or Alive" a textbook on self-defense with the .45 automatic by Fred L. Rexer, Jr. and "Kill or Get Killed" by Col. Rex Applegate. DO NOT let yourself be BRAINWASHED by all the CORPORATE NAZI sponsored self-defense TV & magazine propaganda. Allways remember they are trying to sell you that highdollor crap! Any gunshow sleezebag will tell you if you want to make big sales; paint it black, put some velcro on it & call it "Tactical". The Idiot masses will line up to buy it. DO NOT BE AN IDIOT, use your head for something other than a Hatrack!

IMHO a properly set up 1911 if put together dry should rattle slightly when shaken. Then lightly oiled (I like Remoil but any LITE lube will suffice) on the rails, barrel lug etc. then put back together & wiped dry. It will out run you if properly done. If you want a little better accuracy at the range then lube the rails with a heavy grease or oil to fill in the loose tolerences. This isn't brain surgery "Grasshoppers"! Read the old school textbooks from WWI & II. Thats the stuff the Corporate Nazi Regeme doesn't want you to see. All that crap on TV & in Magazine is designed to brainwash you! THROW THAT YOKE OFF; IF YOU FREE THE MIND, THE ASS WILL FOLLOW!!!

As far as ammo is concerned, You have to remember if you need whats popular among the Idiot Masses it will be laying around for the pick-up along the way.

Otherwise we'd all be smart & there would be no Idiot Masses for us to use as Fodder!

This concludes your lesson for today Grasshoppers. You must strive to be the Ant not the Grasshopper!

OK I see Deputy Grasshopper has been busy gobbling up Corporate Nazi Bullshit while I was typing the TRUTH! PUT TOGETHER YOUR OWN KIT. DO NOT BE SUCKERED INTO PAINTED BLACK, VELCROED BULLSHIT! It not only works better but will save your DUMBASS $$$$$.
A shotgun is a SHOULDER FIRED WEAPON!!! Leave the Corporate Nazi Hollywood Bullshit for the Idiot Masses, trust me it can be PICKED UP ALONG THE WAY!!!

I have an article on how to put together one of those little survival kits in a can using a Altoids mint tin. That will have to wait for your next lesson Grasshoppers.

SHIT!!! A Wise Old Sages Work is Never Done!!! :D
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As soon as I get another bolt for the pistol grip, I post a pic of my Mossberg 500C in 20ga....I still want a 870..... :D

I agree about the 1911. My pre-ban Norinco will shoot clean, dirty, it don't matter. Will feed just about anything I want to give it. Accurate enough for my needs.....
sir, i don't gobble up anything unless my wife cooks it.... ;)

the purpose of the information was to show the concept of the kits and available materials that can be carried in a small "take with you package" available to any family member in case the man of the house is not around. Having it all together in one place in one container so nothing gets forgotton or left behind in a rush to evac ----or a kit that can stay in a vehicle while a person travels or is at work and SHTF unexpectedly while away from home.

Thus my reasons for describing my dis-taste for the smith sigma pistol and pistol grip shotguns in the intro to each of these systems........... ;)

Many folks will not take the time, or may not have the knowledge to put together an evac kit. Smith and mossberg are addressing this market----sure enough, not for any other reason than to make a profit to line their pockets----but at least since the Katrina cluster-f***, they are aknowledging what the govt' won't-----history will repeat itself, and that there is a market (and a reality) for the SHTF concept............ ;)
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Just poke'n fun at ya Deputy! :lol: Tonight I will post a thread on how to put together your own Kits that you can customize for your own needs & the survival environment your most likely to be in. Sorry if I hit a nerve, I know I can be a little abrasive at times. :?
that's the reason i put up them winkin' smilies ;) ......i figured its in fun :)

lookin' forward to readin' about kit information. its a topic that everyone should be made aware of and prepare for-------especially if ya get caught out of town in strange territory..........

I'm a firm believer that if i'm away from the house 50% of the time workin', fishin', or what ever, then that's a 50% probability that SHTF will happen away from my prepared home so i had better have something with me/us while we are away. The kit is kind of like the spare tire on the pickup, rarely used but you would not take a trip without your spare tire, i won't take a trip without the kit.................. ;)
Deadeye said:
I know I can be a little abrasive at times. :?
You? Who told you that? :? :lol: :lol:'re as rough as an old corn cob on a cold winter morning....and just as useful!!! Sometimes folks dress up the truth and make it all slick and pretty and we don't get it quite as well as when it's cold and slimy and we get slapped in the face with it....I'm a bit blunt:) myself sometimes...better you remember what I said than how pretty I say can't get enough cllips into an Altoids tin...I wanna see that one!!! Agree on the rattlin' .45---that rattle's twice as deadly as the snake...I wish I'd'a bought a dozen or more when I was a lad and they were 29.00...nothing is as comfortable as a cold .45 on a hot night.....
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