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No survival section is complete without talk'n about what ya gonna do to survive when it comes to eating your dead buddy! I saw a movie yrs. ago about a Russian gulag. The prisoners would take along a guy who they didn't think would make it across Siberia. He was called the sandwich. :twisted:
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I only regret that I have but one liver to give for my country....
I won't say that I would never do it, because one does not know for sure until one is placed in that situation....having said that, I pray that I shall never be but into that situation.....
You just don't know until your there...YUCK!
I don't like people for the most part, but maybe BBq'd.
Bun on the run???? :lol:
...or "Lean and mean, won't run on the bun"....
Ok! how about? Would you eat the enemy? You just had a run in with some Bandido's & killed one it's the dead of winter your family is starving!

do we need to add A-1 and a steak knife to the survival kit? :lol:
Nuff said...or we'll be down to chitlins......
Only the heart, Deadeye.
I'm packin LOTS of sauce - both kinds.
I guess I am the lucky one here as I became friends with a full blood Cherokee and he was an expert on living off the land.
As long as ya have an emeny there will always be food. A simple test if you have the well to live or not just try eatting a can of pea's- not you can't heat it up just eat them straight from the can- be sure to drink the juice as well. If you can do that then Ghoat drops are going to be no problem.
Now I know that I am older and proble won't last very long as I know I can't do as I did when I was 20 or so. Butr I think I will out last most of the younger generation.
I see it all the time at work we work in the heat and the cold most can't take the heat or the cold. the y must bath daily and they have to have their cell phone its a must.
They have to have tp they have no idea of how do with out it, they don't know how to clean them selves with out soap. Oh I hear about them camping a few weeks. We are talking year here not weeks.
Can anyone here start a fire without matchs? Can you start a fire with flint? Without flint? Flint was alot easier that without flint.
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My momma could strike sparks from my ass....with a switch.....or thought she could...I've made one fire rubbing wood...I'd much prefer idea of camping is when the window opens at Holiday Inn and you get a skeeter in the room....but most of survival is "How do I do this with what I have?"...not "I can't do this because I don't have a....."
yep ya have to have the will to do it.
Helps to be part bulldog and part yard dog....
I heard the liver is good with "some fava beans and a good Chianti." :twisted:
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