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Case Life

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how many times can a brass case be reloaded? Is there something that i need to be looking for when the case's use has ended?
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Pistol cases can be reloaded many times. The case neck will crack when it gets to thin or worn. If the bullet seats right it's good to go.
depends on the round and the reloader..........
I've reloaded target 38's to the point i forgot how many times---i know ts over +20 times. These were not +p loads just target range loads. The 1st problem to usually develop is split necks. Same goes for the 45 acp......

Things that affect the case life are how heavy of a crimp is applied, how hot the loads are, and also case stretch.

This has ben argued and debated for a while, but when it comes to case stretch, i fall into the camp that stretch is not caused by hot rounds but is caused by the sizing die working the brass. To that end, even though i use carbide dies, i apply a bit of lubricant (hornady case lube spray) to the cases and also to the inside of the case mouth. Just a small added step but also makes resizin' easier and in my opinion helps reduce case stretch so less frequent trimmin'.
I personally have about eighteen hundred W.W. .38 Spl. cases that I bought from the Game Comission at least 25 Years ago. I couldn't even begin to guess how many times they've been re-cycled, possibly hundreds. I load for Myself, & two Sons-in-law, so they've been around. Like has been said, I use'm till they crack.

I much prefer W.W. cases for the pistols & revolvers, but for the rifles, Remington cases seem to hold up a lot better, at least for Me. Especially in the smaller bores, like 6mm, .243, & .22/250. In rifle cases, You also want to watch for a dis-colored ring around the case, just forward of the base. It may be a sign of impending case separation.

I also have a small amount of Federal brass, in .357. Never tried "off brands".
thanks for the info.

My current stock of brass is (these are from factory ammo is saved the brass on)

350 .357magnum
100 .44 mag
100 38sp
50 44 sp

i think i'll have a good start on them once i get rolling.

i'll have to start saving my 45acp, and 40s&w.
I don't reload much for rifles, but far as pistols go I load'm till they spilt or rupture. I just look for good deals on .45colt & .44mag (One of the ranges I go to sometimes sells range brass for 2 cents a piece you can't beat $2.00 per 100rds). The other range I go to just leaves it on the ground, so thats my source of .45acp. One day I sat & watched these two guys burn up a 250rd. brick of UMC .45acp, I just walked over & picked it up. Well ok that beats 2 cents a piece! :lol: :lol: :lol:
When we went to the range Saturday to test the work up loads, we must have picked up 200 9mm / 100 .40 and 150 .45acp.....I guess these people make a lot of money.....
I brought home my 9mm and 357 and 38 special cases saturday night. I also cam e home with about 50 pieces of 45 acp brass. Every little bit helps. :)
Brass will last longer nickle is harder and will split sooner than brass, also a tamper crimp will help extend case life less working the brass than roll crimp. I figure a tamper crimping dies paya for its self in a year or two for most reloaders as for me I think I am down to weeks lol. Lee makes a great factory crimp die and for the money ya can'tr go wrong pard.
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