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Got bored last night so I put this together to help pass the time, Majestic Arms Aluma-Lite barrel , and Volquartsen action-trigger kit and some others.

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Nice! How's she shoot?
So what do you think about it? I think they're kind of cool, but don't really know what I'd use it for.
Will I have not shot it since I made the changes, It used to have a Millett red dot on it and I was surprised at how good it shot at about 25 30 yards (1“), I’m going to try it on tree rats. Want to work out some sort of a sling to aide in caring it.
Thank you :)
It looks like it would be hard to aim while holding it up like a carbine and too heavy to hold like a pistol. Do you always shoot it while it's on the bi-pod?
I have not had time to shoot it since i put the Aluma lite barrel on it, when it was fractroy stock I used the bi- pod, it is much liter now and will try it with out the bi- pod soon.
Johngoboom said:
That is a cool little gun!
Thanks :)
i've looked at them a couple of times, just seems to akward for hunting.....
I didn't have much use for the Charger at first but now think it would be a fun target gun or small varmit collector if set up in one place. I like the looks of the barrel and mag on the smaller frame. I guess all the aftermarket 10/22 parts will fit on it with no problem? But I would hate to have to carry it in the field, just seems too awkward. You did a good job on this one. Can't wait to hear your shooting reports.
Those are cool, but I am gonna stick with my 10/22. Wood stock, standard barrel and all.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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