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Cimarron's range report

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New load for them shot well and very little muzzle whip. Only improvement I made to them is I took off the fancy coating on the grip pannel's and put old english wood oil on them, they are just a little rough much better grip.
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Good job Snuffy.

Are they all ready for your cowboy shoot then?
I would have removed that high gloss finish as well. It looks a little too slippery to me.
They go the the next match next weekend Sept. 4th & 5th we will see them John. True BH I have found a site that sell's grips waiting for an answer from them as weather they will fit mine. They were not so bad in the winter time when its colder but we have many more hot days here and your hands sweat anyhow. I use a pitchers bag to help keep my hands dry.
Well didn't do so good yesterday started out ok but got to the 5 stage forgot one was still in the right so they told me one more when I picked up the rifle it went off I touched the triger. So match disqualifed me.
Went back today did much better no dq's but have to watch in now as I am trying to gain speed. Had and air bullet yesterday dang if I didn't find a dirt bullet today lol. But much better day today.
Your gonna have an off day now and again...but stick with Snuffy, and you'll get there!
Well I guess an off day can be expected now and again.

So the rifle went off when you picked it up? Is this a lever action rifle? Was it set fire before you picked it up?
Thanks ya'll. BH by sass rules I have to make the rifle safe by opening the action. So when I picked up the rifle I was closing the action with the lever and my finger touched the triger and the rifle went off before I had it to my shoulder. There was no doubt in anyones mind that it was an accidently discharge. Just got in too big of a hurry and look what it cost me. But todays match I did knock off a full 10 seconds by going to the new load and shooting the bisley's so I am happy with that. I know my speed will pick up as time goes on. Of course everyone there today told me that a dq is going to happen in this game and no one was hurt and all is good just put this behind me.
This has been a learning experance for me, I stayed around yesterday after my dq and counted and kept score no reason for me not to help out. I also helped them work on the stages as well. Yesterday we got up all new loading and unloading table. Sure wasn't hard for me to pound in some nail's yesterday lol.
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Well, I got here late..but I was just reading the part about removing the gloss finish and I thought "I wonder about in baseball"....and read on down and that's the pitcher's bag, isn't it!!!! I actually had a productive thought...and Snuffer beat me to it.... :(...or is it different what the pitchers and batters use???
Got that been using it a while, but late or not anything that is meant to help is always greatly appreciated by me.
Well it sucks that you got the dq, but like you said, a lesson learned and no one was hurt. It's also very cool that you hung around to help after. It shows good character imo. :D
Thanks BH everyone there was very supportive of me and the other shooter that dq'ed also. he has a messed up thumb that let go before he wanted it too. Eveyone there told me about theirs and how they got theirs, as the story goes in this game your going to dq its just when is it going to happen. There are some really nice folks at these matchs, me working for the prison for so long being around inmates and back stabbing co-workers its sure nice to be around these folks.
Like horse back riding two type of riders those that have fallen and those that are waiting to fall.
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