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Where are you going to go?

  • 1. Nowhere! This is the Alamo, I defend my home & make my stand!

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  • 4. I run into the streets & loot everything I can!

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Very cool!!!! Thanks Bounty!

Ok, My 1st SHTF scenerio is:
If the SHTF happens. Where are you going to go?
Before you vote think about the clusterf--k that Katrina & Rita caused.
And the fact that theres not really any room in the hills now days (if you start any shit around my place I'll shoot your ass off). :evil: Cause I'm staying put.

This section is going to be so much fun!!!! :twisted:
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I voted stay home. I have tons of ammo and guns. I'd hate to leave them behind. Plus if I ran off I wouldn't know where to go. Home is where the heart is. And the guns and ammo. :D
Nuts and berries shared with mosquitos aren't my bag...I'll be right here...come and get me if you really want me......that's my motto....
I live in the hills, where I'm I gonna go...

Make sure your survival gear includes a ladder so you can get to the roof, and do a proper job defending your home!
I have thought about this before. I doubt if most of us would last a week if we headed to the hills. As Bountyhunter stated, the guns and ammo is at home, not to mention the food and water. Better to die as free men than live as slaves.
Stay at home....and take care of anyone that might wish to change my current living situation..... :twisted:
i live in the hills as well. I think i can make due for awhile.....course i sure will miss toilet paper.
I would stand my ground, but I think it would be useless as were I live would be one of the first that gets nuked. One more reason to get out of here. LOL
If I lived in a big city I'd run. I'd head to sheepdog's place I think. Maybe Eddie's or Gunman's. Or...or..?
very few could get out of a big city.
I have just enough ammo to get out and away. ;)
Actually no one will know until happens usually by then its too late to make changes to what your main plan was or is. But the game that we are playing here the what if game is one of the best games to play all police fireman and corrections officer play it every day weather we are aware of it or not. Best rule of thumb make your enmy your resupply point, jmo
Woman lives on her family's farm. 4 houses set up in a square about 400 yards across. Her place, her parents, each of her two brothers. Beyond that square, another at least 200 yards of clear sight in each direction, much more in most places. On one side, the road and only access point. Opposite side, a river about 1/2 mile away. Very defensible location. Wells, so water is handled. Few hundred cows, so that's food (or currency, should we be reverted back to the old west days). And each house has the armaments of the 3rd Marines in it.

We are covered. My only concern is making sure my parents can come meet me here.
Sounds like a great set up! :cool:

Best rule of thumb make your enmy your resupply point, jmo

Contrary to the play-fair, nice guy above-all-that attitude of our gov't...Snuffy's got the big one down pat....if you need it TAKE IT....and not just from the enemy either...foraging will net medicine, food, guns, and ammo....from folks who don't need it anymore....or won't use'd be surprised what old widows have stashed that their husbands had....and they had no sons to give it to...or didn't want their sons having them...we'll see folks rising up to supply our needs because of what we're doing for them....count on it....
Color me dumb cause I don't get this: 'make your enemy your re-supply point'. From what Sheepdog said, those are victims not enemies.

Right or wrong, I would want to stay home and fight.
Get that coffee goin, dearie, what I meant and what Snuffy meant is that, once we have met the enemy, and their asses are ours, so are their guns, grenades, ammo, food, and anything else we can turn on their buddies.....the second paragraph...(I'm so proud of me, I used to not know how to do paragraphs) has to do with friendlies or noncombatants who can voluntarily or not so help the re-supply effort....nutherwords, when you run out of ammo for your SP101, you waltz over to old widow Matilda's and tell her either she gives up those two boxes of ammo her late husband had after she sold his gun or you'll kick her fat butt....and you smile real sweet as you say it rules....
I would just do what I been taught to do.
Just be sure to do what you doo-doo well, as my old Pappy used to tell us pups....
I get it now. Never been a marine - you understand.
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