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I got my CZ slide back from getting milled for the Holosun 507K shake to wake. Had the slide milled and finished in a brushed nickel. Went with the K series as it fits better on the CZ P07 slide. Still has shake to wake an 2 moa. Fan of the 507 C but the only difference is a bit wider and has the solar strip.
Zeroed at 12 yds but I normally zero hand guns at 15 but it was windy and I was just checking it. One moa high but that's 3 shots hole in hole before the target stand blew over. I was resting the CZ on my bag so don't think this was free hand. (I wish). Anyway, here's a couple of pictures of the target/gun and two Henry mags that came in today for my Henry 223/556 NATO long ranger that should be in soon.
Mags are the only way to do this type of ammo (pointy...ha) in a lever action. Mag hold's 5 rounds of 223 or 556 and you can have one in the chamber if you want. I also got, just now, match 223 ammo (Rem 68 gr boat tail 223 hundred rounds) that I will use to zero the Henry. My Arken 4-16x50 ffp scope should be in soon as well.
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