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Did D. B. Cooper survive?

D. B. Cooper???

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So, whatta ya think?
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Dead...has been since he jumped....jmo.....
I voted no. It's a tie. I like that people vote but don't post.
Bountyhunter said:
I voted no. It's a tie. I like that people vote but don't post.
Tie is broken.

Oops, you wanted me to vote and not post. ;)
No I like to hear everyone's opinion. A lot of people vote in polls and never give their opinion on it.
i say no...........
Part of the money was found, and they really never were able to pin-point his drop area which was during a storm. The remote area, lack of gps back then, and no matter how prepared he was, his jump area would still be a half-a** guess on cooper's part------probably a lot, lot, lot less accurate than our well-planned airbore jumps at Normandy......

but America loves a mistery and tends to root for the underdog and in some cases idolize the underdog--just as they did Dillinger.

The db cooper case has become legend................
...I'm not a "people" what....
I just looked in to see what the score was, and noticed that its 54% yes & 45%no. What happened to the other 1%?
Sheepdog must have done the math. :lol: :lol:
Got me...good true.... :( oughta see me countin' cookies....
It rounds off the numbers...11 votes total, 6 votes or 54.5% or rounded to the nearest whole number 54%.

And 5 votes or 45.4%...rounded is 45%.

So that solves the answer to the mystery of the missing 1%.

Jinky Scoob. :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
Like I've said before (or at least I think I have), a base 10 number system is by no means fact, there are many flaws in it....I have never understood why we don't use a base 2 (binary) number system.....0's and 1' either tests as true, or it tests as false....simple as that.....
My dad used to tell a riddle about three guys in a matter how you added it up, it wouldn't add up...I'll try to remember it...gotta have another cuppa......or two....
I was happy with my explaination. :|
...........some were not.....
No way. He jumped from an airliner into a pacific northwest winter storm without any gear.
They found the remains of a packet of that money...but, far as I know, none ever showed up at banks...they had the serial #s recorded....some deer probably ate the rest....what a shame....think of the guns and ammo it could have bought....
Think of what 200K in '71 could have been invested in. If you put it in a mutual then, caught the Reagan boom and pulled it out to put it on Microsofts IPO.

I need a time machine.
Yep, and you'd be gettin' out about now....
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