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Danger of turnstiles

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Congrats fellas on the new site!! Thanks for the hard work. Lots of luck to you from us.

I had heard about the preacher that was jumping up and down during his preaching and his pistol fell out on the floor. This was back in an age where no one even thought about carrying legally concealed. Well it never happened to me til this past week!

I was with my 70 some year old mother going into Bass Pro Shops to look for some ammo. I have to watch out for her walking so when I went through the turnstile that counts shoppers it seems that my 9mm got pushed by the bar and I was turning to assist my mom so she would not be bothered by the bar. My gun fell out front of God and everyone else to the floor. I just bent over and picked it up and stuck it in my front pocket. My mom smiled real big. I figured if people came running I would pin it on her but nothing happened. Looked for ammo and nothing really exciting found. Little selection on 9mm and 38 Special. Oh well, at least they ignored my blunder. Mom needs to be more careful next time.
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Right Stoble, blame it on dear old Mom! ;)
Nat, You know I'm not going to take the heat if I can pin it on an elderly family member. They would not make her do as much time in jail.
Lol! I have had the good fortune to not have that happen to me. :lol:

Glad to see you here, Stoble. :mrgreen:
Talk about a Kodak moment..... :eek: .....glad to see ya Stoble
What's a Mother for?..... :evil:
Great story!

By the way, Stoble, I got a pretty good (not great) price on a 250 pack of Remington UMC 9mm at Bass Pro. Right around fifty bucks if I recall,
If I was Mon and you pulled that on me then that 9MM would be mine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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