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Don Hume Holster ???

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I bought this brand new, still in the bag, off eBay for $26.00 with shipping. :D

This is the first leather holster I have ever bought new, and it's stiffer than a 2x4. What do you recommend for a break-in to help the gun go in and out a little smoother? Also does the leather soften with age, or should I use mink oil to help it along and protect it???


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I order them often from my local gunshop...about $28.95---you got a good price and a good holster...I'd work the thumbbreak by hand and maybe mink oil or neatsfoot(boot oil)....but I'd leave the rest of it stiff for better retention...I had one of this style from Bianchi in the 70s...I'd often sit down and it'd ride up outa the holster.....kinda hard on the shirt when the sights rub ya....I was unsnapped more than know, yelp and snatch was all I could organize...unsnap, yelp, and snatch was too complicated......
Nice holster. As far as taking care of it, Sheepdog nailed it. It'll soften up plenty with use. You don't want it to soft so it's flimsy.
Sheepdog gave some good advice. Now, just put the gun in it and wear it for a few weeks..... :lol:
needs foot oil breaks leather down and will shorten the life of the holster. Use skidmores leather cream. ya can order from them on line. Just a dab will do ya and ofcourse lots of wear and use as sheepdog said and your going to love that holster. I have one just like it I love it. BTW I use skidmores on both of my custom made saddles as a matter of fact the saddle maker is the one that told me about skidmores.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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