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Problem :

The sights of most modern firearms are high and need manual or automatic sight correction for different distances.

Solution :

The firearms which do not have any obstruction on the top of the barrel, such as the gas feedback pipe and the top of the barrel is visible can have a simple correction after the removal of standard sights and a canal or a straight line is drawn on the top of the barrel to be used to aim.

Most firearms have something on the top of the barrel, most often a feedback pipe.

For these, there is a simple way for correction without any redesign although these should be redesigned by the manufacturer to have the feedback pipe and the mechanical mechanisms on the bottom or to the side so nothing is placed over the barrel.

Without any redesign, there is a very simple way to correct this problem and to have an exact aim without the need to perform any manual or electronic sight adjustment. Just place two lasers on each side of the barrel PERFECTLY LINED WITH THE BARREL. Thus, two laser dots will appear on the target. The imaginary line between the dots is the level of the vertical alignment. The middle of this imaginary line is the horizontal alignment and the exact spot where the bullet will hit. Thus, the shooter must only see the two dots and adjust the middle of the imaginary line between these dots to be on the target.

The laser attachments are standard. They can either be adjusted in the factory to align perfectly with the barrel or mechanical ability to tune the lasers can be provided or the two thereof.

Without any manufacturers involved, anyone can make this system at home and fine tune the lasers after trials and errors.

Only with two inexpensive lasers, a perfect aim can be accomplished without any sight compensation, neither mechanical nor electronic. Thus, a shooter will always be able to have an accurate aim at the target regardless on whether the target is 200 or 800 metres away!

Other configurations with more lasers are possible although two would suffice.
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