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dumb question about 1911s

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So, when I first bought my revolvers (my first handguns), I was told about semi autos that the 1911 style guns were really not for people who are beginners with pistols. Is this true, and if so, what is it about them that is unfriendly to the less experienced handgunner?
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In my own little humble softspoken opinion, whoever said that is so full of crap their eyes must be bugging out....the 1911 fits most hands, has enough weight to absorb recoil well, has a natural point, has simple, logical controls, shoots a pussycat round, and that's just the bad points :)the CARRYING of the gun requires common sense, care, and caution, because the intended way to carry it for defense is cocked-and-locked with a good holster....grasp, draw, and, as you bring it up, swipe off the safety....when finished...thumb up the safety....safely re-holster...I've seen grown men who could whup my butt scared of the .45-and a little tiny gal of 25 pick it up and, never having fired a handgun...hit the target almost every round...and tell me it was fun....go'll love the 1911 style...I would not buy the alloy frame lightweights...personally I like the weight...but even they are easy to shoot....getchaone and have fun!!!
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Thanks. I'm not really in the market, but they are the best looking semi autos to me, and if my SR9 proves too big to carry, I might look into a smaller 1911 style.
You're always in the market...just looking for the right deal :) Don't tell your bride that, though...she'll put 220 on your wallet!!!
Shooting wise they are great. My girlfriend shoots and loves mine. I think maybe the care may be a little involved. Taking one down and cleaning it is, to me, a pain in the butt. It's not impossible obviously, but harder than a lot of semi's I've field stripped.
I agree with Sheepdog. I come from a long line of revolver fact, in my family I was the first to own a semi-auto....and you guessed it....a 1911. Do I think everyone should start with a 1911....HECK I think everyone should own at least one 1911.....OH HECK YEA. When people tell me about the terrible "kick" of the .45 ACP, I always tell them they're full of crap, and know absolultely nothing about hadguns if they really believe that. I wife is 4' 11", and is a tiny little petite woman, but, with my 1911 Norc in her hand, I wouldn't piss her off....she like it shoot it more than my GP100 or my 9mm.....
Eddie, I know there has to be a stainless steel Taurus PT1911 out there somewhere with your name on it. :D
Bountyhunter said:
Shooting wise they are great. My girlfriend shoots and loves mine. I think maybe the care may be a little involved. Taking one down and cleaning it is, to me, a pain in the butt. It's not impossible obviously, but harder than a lot of semi's I've field stripped.

It's always nice to be able to help friends. Click this link, makes taking a 1911 apart a piece of cake... ... tionHR.flv

If I could have only one pistol, it would be a 1911. I think it is the greatest pistol ever made.

A 1911 opens up a whole new world of 230-gr of Woop Ass coming down on a bad guy.


I never said I didn't know how to use one, just said I perfered not to.....
There are no dumb questions, just dumb people with questions!

The 1911 is, without a doubt and not up for debate, the greatest handgun ever created. John Moses Browning was the most gifted inventor the world has ever seen, and probably the #1 genius of all time. How often do I need the theory of relativity? Never. How often do I stop to appreciate the Winchester 1894 or Ma Deuce? More often than never.

It is simple, rugged, all but flawless in operation under any conditions, and a natural fit for shooters. Everything about it makes perfect sense and there is no extra crap on it. Probably the safest auto I can imagine. Grip and thumb safeties must be disengaged and the hammer cocked before it fires.

In short, I am something of a fan.
a 1911 for a beginer.................

the advantage of a 1911 is that they are easy to shoot and hit with.........

the disadvantage of the 1911 is that they are easy to accidently shoot and un-intentionally hit with.......

when you throw in the word "beginer", unfortunately that sometimes comes in some cases with some serious baggage such as not willing to learn the controls, not practice safe gun handling, and not respecting the weapon system-----------all of which comes full circle back to the weapon being easy to shoot...........or.........not able to shoot as a person forgot to take the safety off in a critical defense situtation.

But as with any gun, not willing to fully understand the weapon, getting seriously aquainted with it, and knowing it, it can get you into trouble.

it is still a fine combat weapon..........but even our military had the troops carry it hammer down on an unloaded chamber for safety reasons----------not a fault or problem with the weapon--------but more of a lack of training and a lack of a proper holster for cocked and locked carry.
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Best damn combat pistol ever invented! They are THE SHIT!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:
I've shot many difference kind of matches with and carry a 1911 for about 30 yrs and the last 20 yrs with this one . It is a proven gun and cal .

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How 'bout one of these, Eddie?

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I think the biggest worry most folks have about the inexperienced handgunner, & the 1911, is the way it is meant to be carried. Loaded chamber & cocked & locked carry isn't usually the best carry option for a newbie ! You all make good points about what is possibly the best semi-auto pistol ever developed, but someone new to handguns, & especially semi's ?? I think it's a poor choice. They would be far safer from litigation if they take time for proper training with an S.A. pistol such as the 1911. The case for a neglegent discharge is much higher with a S.A. semi, in the hands of a novice shooter in a high stress situation. I think S.A. Semi's are suited to more experienced shooters. JMHO
Or just carry it hammer down.
Not sure if everyone is aware, but this is an older topic. April of 08 is when I started it, and while that's not THAT old, I have done a lot of shooting since then, even bought and sold a couple different semi autos.

But all the feedback is great and helpful, thank you! I still don't own a 1911, but I do handle one every time I go to a gun shop. They just feel right in my hands.
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