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Extra LCP Magazine

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Just picked one up for $24.40. Didn't even know they were out yet.

Has anyone noticed they are stamped Made in Italy? I wonder why? The guns are made here right?
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I didn't know Ruger was out-sourcing mags. That's to bad.

Glad you got one though, I think they are pretty hard to find.
My local just got in a bunch. The mag that came with the gun is made in Italy too.
Given the options Italy would be near the top of the list of preferred manufacturing locations.
its probably made by mec-gar and they are purty good as i think they build mags for a lot of folks including the brownings and beretas
Well the one that came with it works great. Thing'll eat anything I put in it.
Deputy125 nailed's Mecgar...they make the mags for a wholotta companies...they make a 17-rd mag for the P95....they usually turn out flawless quality...old-line company...only aftermarket brand I'd buy.....
If Ruger is selling them with their name on them, I'm sure they're good stuff. It would just be nice to have them made here. But I guess you can say that about most things. :(

The old "Made in the USA" label is getting harder and harder to find.
Yep John. If it's not made here I hope it's good quality at least. The magazines are so it could be worse. :)
I'll bet the wrapper had on it "From the country that gave you Sophia Loren" the hell out of "made in China"......
i watched another gun show on the outdoor channel the other nite about the lcp---believe they said crimson strace is workin' hard to get a laser designed for this one as the demand is very high..............

I am glad ruger hit the bullseye with this one and i hope they don't sit on their hands with round two............

i'm sure smith and wesson and especially taurus are taking notes on the demand of this weapon and would not be suprised if the ruger gets a little competition in short order.

Ruger nedes a quick one/two follow-up punch such as a .22 version and a 9mm version.

9mm though might be a stretch for the design so perhaps a new model there............

a .22 would have a market as folks have been buyin' pocket .22's for many decades. There is room for a new small quality piece to keep beretta and sig honest........
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Now, in .22 LR, I'd buy two in a heartbeat!!!!! What a great idea...should be able to hold 10 or 11 rounds easily.....
I think the 22 would be a good seller in the LCP 380 size. In order to do a 9mm I think they'd have to go a little bigger. Like the PF-9. I think that would sell like hot cakes too.
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