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Finally Got One

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I finally broke down and picked up a Ruger GP100 SS 4". After reading how much everyone likes theirs, I decided to start looking. Found a nice clean used one from an on-line dealer that I've dealt with many times. Now I just need to go try her out. I think it may get a name, which I've never done before.
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Man....Lucky!!!! :mrgreen:
I had one and loved it, traded it for a I wished I would have kept it cause the Colt Commander that i got was a piece of Doo Doo :roll:

Congrats...Now for a range report :)
Very nice choice! I have the 6" and love it. I want a 4" also but just tonight bought something else. Maybe my next one will be the 4" GP100. :mrgreen:
Congragulations on your new gun. I have got to get one of those.

Bountyhunter, what did you just get?
congrats on one of the finest toughest service revolvers ever built!!!!
b.roberts said:
Bountyhunter, what did you just get?
5.5" SS Redhawk in 45 Colt. :D
Johngoboom said:

Pics are a MUST! :D
It's just stock. I'll try and do a little polishing first.
I think everyone should own one of each, at the least:

Redhawk, GP100, SP101
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You won't be disappointed as I have a 4" GP and it is the best revolver I have ever owned. I'm sure your grandchildren will enjoy shooting it as much as you will and they won't shoot it loose either.


Wild stab you don't like the stock grips on the Rugers? :p
Congrats,'ll like the GP100.....fine revolver. I shoot action type competitions with mine, and love it..... :D
I think I'm one of the few here now without a GP100. I need to rectify that at some point. :eek:
Taurus_9mm said:
I think I'm one of the few here now without a GP100. I need to rectify that at some point. :eek:
Nope your not the only one without a GP, close as I get is Security Six LOL.
Congrats , Thunderjohn , Enjoy
Your Security Six is the grandpa of Ruger DAs...and will be shooting 100 years from now....great gun!!!
I am sooooo jealous of the new guns. Gp-100 tops my list of gotta have's, with a redhawk .45 4" barrel following close behind. Again, congragulations on your new guns.

Nice set you have there Gunman42782.
Congrats TJ, great guns, 38's or 357s, they are both fun.. I love to shoot mine but have a hard time keeping it away from my son and 2 grandsons.
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