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first time getting pulled over with permit...

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Well it was bound to happen. I was unarmed, but got pulled over for speeding today. As has always been my plan here in Virginia, I gave him license, registration and my carry permit. (I didn't want him to look me up and see that I had one, then get nervous why I didn't disclose it.)

He handed it right back to me thinking at first I gave him something accidentally. Then he did a double take and said, 'wait, what is that?'

I said, 'it's my carry permit. I just wanted to let you know I had it.'

He said, 'okay, thanks. I'll be back in a minute, I'm writing you up for 71 in a 55.'

Then when he came back and explained it all and I signed it, he goes, 'so how do you like your [FJ Cruiser]?' He complimented me on it, we talked for a while and that was it.

So I got a ticket I very much deserved, the cop was respectful and friendly, as was I, and I felt good about telling him about my permit and also felt good about his reaction (or more accurately, NON reaction) to it.

That's all, just wanted to share that because I thought I'd be nervous the first time I got pulled over with a gun with me, but even though I didn't have one today, I'm glad to have that first encounter under my belt.
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It's always good to find an officer that doesn't think they should be the only one with a gun. People are people, you never, ever know what they think about anything.

NOW SLOW DOWN. Don't you know how much gas is. You could have bought a bunch of extra ammo with the money you lost speeding! ;)
Most cops are cool if you are when you're pulled over. There are always a few who are dicks no matter what though. :roll: It isn't law here to show it so I won't if I get pulled over.
when chl came to Texas, there was so much bally-who about "blood in the streets" and road rage and other such crap that they had the State troopers and other officers wound up tight mainly due to the media circus.

So much non-sense in retro-spective......................
Around here, in Central KY, most cops pretty much know every packs. You don't have to have a CCW to legally carry a gun in your glove compartment, and most pick ups have gun racks in the back windows. Now, the closer you get to Louisville or Lexington, some of the cops have differenet attitudes, but for the most part, they are just good ole boys like us!
Did the ice cream melt?
:lol: :lol:
Now that's just funny, Sheepdog..... :lol:
I got stopped in Mass with an empty 222 Remington case on the floor several years ago. The State cop asked me if I had a gun in the car. I had forgotten the case on the floor and said no and then asked him why he would think that I did. He said you've got a round on the floor. I picked it up and showed it to him and when he saw it was 222 he calmed down. The state police in Mass that I have dealt with all carry a real snotty attitude. I have dealt with them on different levels as I worked down there for many years and in my last job as a Business Manager I had contact with some whereby I was helping them out and they still sucked.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are NH State Police as I have never meant one that wasn't a complete gentleman. You treat them with respect and you get it back in return.

NH law doesn't require you to inform an officer if you are carrying and I probably wouldn't if stopped.
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Take the Massassachussetts attitude and add a macho badge-makes-the-man attitude and that would surely suck....I can't believe they're all that way, though...or the rest of those with Massassachussetts attitudes would whip their asses...badge or no...just a bit of Irish there.......just a bit.....I wouldn't go to that state if they were giving away free land.....and my wife's from just north of Boston...just not far enough north, or she'd have a better disposition :)
Mass sucks so bad. I'm going to Boston this weekend. Great place to get shot at and I can't even carry. What a suck state. :roll:
I can't say they are all that way just the ones I've dealt with. In my last job I was the Business Manager for the Covanta Energy Facility in Haverhill, MA and I was driving in the front gate one snowy morning. We were off a state maintained road and parked in our driveway were two plow trucks and a police cruiser all side by side across the front of the driveway. As a waste to energy facility we had about 250 trucks coming and going between 2:00AM to 6:00 PM each day. As I was entering that day a truck came barreling out and forced me over on the shoulder because the plows and the state trooper were blocking the driveway. I motioned the officer to come over and politely asked him if he could move out of the way. He started screaming at me and told him I never should have motioned to him, ya,ya,ya. I did it to avoid asking him in front of the others. I then went to my office and called the barracks he was out of and told them that that I wanted to file a complaint against one of their officers and explained what happened including name, cruiser # and told them I didn't need his bad attitude. I never heard anything else and I didn't push it because I had to drive to and from each day on state highways.

About twice in the 10 years I was there they were looking for one of the drivers (they were either independents or affiliated with a waste company we did business with) for some offense committed and they would just come in and stand in the scalehouse without asking permission from management to come onto the property much less wait in a building. My scale operators were smart and cooperated but quietly let me know what was happening. A phone call asking to do what they did would have gone a long way to demonstrate that they didn't think like the gestapo.

I'll get off my soap box as I'm way off topic.
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They have their very own SS down there. :x
you forgot the A..
My bad. Thanks Sheepdog. :D
Anytime a cop of any description forgets that he's out there to keep the peace and help people...he's subject to a sorry-ass attitude....I know what the Supreme Court says, and I know what the people expect....two entirely different things....98% of the citizens expect the police to respond to any call for help and, if they can't help, know who to call to help...they expect them to scare away the boogey man at night, catch the bad guys, sort out the traffic, and work the short, serve....and if a cop doesn't want to serve...spends his day saying "I don't have to do that" my opinion, he's a sorry daughter and granddaughter recently had a flat in Miss.....a state trooper stopped, took off his gunbelt, and changed it for, there's a cop....that day, a hero....noone likes a cocky, rude, pushy attitude...I don't care what they put up with....that doesn't stamp every citizen's forehead with "One of Them".....each contact should be treated as it warrants....I taught my rookies to start friendly...get tough only if they had to...that defuses a lot of trouble....most people respond to respect.....
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Amen Sheepdog!
Around here the state cops are normally the ones people have problems with.

I got pulled over for an out head light one time by a statey, I used to smoke, and as he walked up to the car I didn’t want to blow smoke in his face, so I field stripped it and then dropped the cig-butt out the window. He walked up to the car and SCREAMED at me to get my ass out of the car and pick up the butt. He threatened to write me a littering ticket along with the fix-it ticket for the headlight. I let it go, as I didn't want any more trouble, but I have never been so close to going to jail in my life. I DON"T let people talk to me that way. To this day, I kind of regret not beating the snot out of that guy. I know I would still be in jail today if I had, but man it would ALMOST be worth it.
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