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found a new gunshop......

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Well, leave it to me to be runnin' thru those free-bee classified ad rags that they give away at the convience stores.
Thursday i was doin' my ususal checking for "treasures" and was in the gun section when i saw an add for a gunshop at a little town out in the middle of no-where.

The word "town" is quite inaccurate as it was more of a cross-roads with a few houses that had probably never had a hay-day in its history. The ad said "large selecton" so i thought what the heck. it was payday and the wife wanted to get out of the house and go to the big city and this "town" was just 20 miles off the beaten path so what the heck. ;)

Needless to say i was suprised. It was a nice little set-up that the feller kept open from 2p to 6pm. Seems he's a gun nut but also works another job and a soon as he gets off he opens the shop conviently located right next to his home.

Anyway, i got to fondle a few that i had never held before. For one it was the "tri-star"(?) lever action cowboy shotgun. It sure was slick and had a good feel to her. Also they had a taurus pump rifle in 45 colt which was purty neat with it's short stroke. A whole row of various new leveractions be it henry or some of the others such as navy arms and i think cimmerons.

For the military side he had about 6 garands and two carbines along with a couple of new auto ordinance tommy guns.

He also liked cz's apparently as he had a very good spread of the SXS shotguns and a few of their rifles. Those cz "bobwhite" shotguns sure are purty!
For us poor folks, he carried the charles daley and remington spartan lines.
A purty friendly and knowledgable feller it seems and he dang near got me in trouble as he does have a layaway.....
Handgun wise, there was a ruger alasken in 454 along with quite a few smiths and a few more cimeron revolvers.

Thought his prices were fair and givin' the atmosphere of the place and the company, worth it and i think i'll give this feller some of my tradin'.

I really like these little hole in the wall places as they are goin' out of style and when you find a good gunshop, ya just want to keep goin' back...................

What was probably the highlight was an old and apparently all orginal springfield trap door that was his personal gun behind the counter---he let me fondle that one as well..... :mrgreen:
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That's awesome! I bought my OM Vaquero at a little shop that was located above the fella's garage. He had a nice little assortment and seemed plenty friendly. That's the way I like it. Maybe he'll give you cause to post pics. ;)
What town is he in Deputy? If it isn't too far I may check it out when we get back down there for the winter in December. Does he have any components?
It's cool to find good business like that. Most of the time you can't beat them for the service.
its called Jerry's Gun Shop
on FM (farm to market) road 1178
Dudley, TX
hours are 2P to 6P

as of now, no components or accessories---just guns and some ammo. His phisosophy is show a spread of guns instead of the acessories as so many folks internet order the acessories for almost his cost or go to academy or wally-world...............

He, as a fellow gun nut, is friends with the owner of B&B gun and pawn in Abilene. That is another friendly place where they have a kitchen table in it by the rifle section where the regulars come in and have a cup of coffee and visit. B&B carries a fair spread of components but no new guns except for the h&R/nef line and his used gun selection is sparce and gettin' poor---i think he might be gettin slowly ready to retire........ Most of the shops in Abilene don't carry a big selection as the academy and wally-worlds take the lion's share of business on new guns, ammo, and acessories that are store bought. He does not want to compete with B&B and hurt them on components. So he only carries new guns and accepts some trade-ins............

Perhaps when he retires from his full time job he will expand but right now he is a pumper and makin' good monies with his mornin' job.............
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