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fuel thefts

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Well, here's something else to think about and that is fuel. For what it's worth, i can't remember if i already posted this or not, but i already worked a theft of gas from a vehicle. You might think ---no big deal----but in this instance what had happened was someone crawled underneath the van and punched a hole in the gas tank and drained it. Purty easy to do i guess since the gas tanks now-a-days are plastic.............I think the replacement/repair bill was over $400.00.

Diesel thefts up also out in the county from farms.

So if ya got a garage ya might want to lock it up. If ya don't, ya might want to keep your eye on things and listen for the dog.

With fuel gettin' as high as it is, some folks may start gettin' stupid and a confrontation could happen when you least expect it................
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I was reading that a lot of people are driving off without paying as well. :|
Yeah, and wouldn't it be like a stupid thief to light a match so he could see better....
Yea I heard poeple where starting to use the old "Arkansas Creditcards" more in my area too. :evil:
The real fun starts when the dummies start stealing copper out of the sub-stations!

I think they had one got killed pulling that crap around here not to long ago!

Times get hard enough for people, they will be stealing alot more than gas! Watch your gardens too!

If somebody asked me for food, I would give it to 'em with out thinking twice; but if they try and take it with out asking, they just might get to hear the old 870 racking one in. :twisted:
Today was payday and as usual we went to the dollar store for round one of grocery shoppin' ain't funny how the prices are climbin' on foods.

We have been makin' a point of buyin' xtra canned foods each payday and stockin' up a bit more. You know the drill, chilli, corn, sweet peas, tomatos, soups, stew, basicly anything sealed that we don't have to add water to.....
just a bit here and there kind of like a savin's account being added to.............

The kids will eat potted meat and spam i imagine if they get hungry enough........

Our thinkin' here is not so much SHTF, but a possible major economic depression..........which of course as mentioned---desperate folks will do desperate things..............
Never hurts to be prepared deputy. I'm going to start doing the same thing. A few extra cans, and a gallon of water here and there.
We always had a big garden (60x60) and decided to quit a few years ago as the deer were getting more than we were. This year I got the roto-tiller out and made a spot closer to the house instead of the old spot 100 yards from the house. Now I can flip the lights on and see the garden.
I've got new little bell peppers, jalapeno, and cayenne peppers. I also have yellow squash about 4 inches long, and cucumbers about 2 inches long. Should be picking by next week..... :D
I have nothing. :(
I swore when I was a kid, I would never plant a garden...punishment was pulling weeds, by hand. But now, it's cheaper to grow it. We might all have to start doing that.....
I love our garden. The veggies are SO much better than anything we can get at the store.
Johngoboom, I told you you weren't no damn liberal....sounds like a conservative plan to me to rack one in for those who think your house and property are a self-service're all right more than you're all wrong...way more.....
Ditto Sheepdog
You guys are right; there are ways in which I'm very conservative. I think government spending is out of control, and that government has gotten way to big, I also don’t believe in self protection laws.

Unfortunately voting Dem or Rep really doesn't mean a darn thing anymore. Both parties have sold their souls to the highest corporate bidders.

Really there are only three ways in which I am staunchly in the Liberal camp.

1. I think that supply side economics don't work. A rising tide lifts all yachts. Bring on the flat tax!!!

2. I feel that Government must as a necessary evil have SOME control over big business to prevent the unfair treatment of labor. (Health, Safety, Minimum Wage, enforcing anti-trust laws, enforcing environmental regulations, and living up to negotiated contracts)

3. And while it is constitutional, I don't think religion should be involved in politics. I believe there should be a clearly defined separation of church and state.

Other than those three things, I fall into the conservative camp a lot. But I also consider myself to a Jefferson Democrat, to which I measure all laws by his statement of "My right to swing my fist end at another man’s nose."
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...if by supply side economics you mean anything besides produce what the consumer wants and has indicated he needs, and let demand drive production...I'm agin' it, if it means something else, I'm iggorant 'bout that....the flat tax...sales tax....seems fairest to me.....

Gov't control as you describe it is a good thing

The "state" has no business talking about or "ruling on" anything about religion...they have no business supporting or depressing long as it doesn't break laws enacted by popular vote of the people, i.e. bigamy, child abuse, etc... neither should the Supreme Court touch it ---

You call these liberal stances??? I don't think so....and I agree totally that most politicians are simpering whores....not doing the will of those who elected them in the majority of cases...we need to give them all a wake-up call....but most won't put down the remote long enough.....that's our fault....

I'm not joking at all...I don't see the "Liberal" in any of your post...I really think you're not one....
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Supply side economics is basically the same thing as "Trickle Down" economics (or at least that is always what I have been told).

It's the idea that giving tax cuts to the wealthy in this country will spur them to start new business and increase wages for workers. The Bush tax cuts for the WEALTHYEST Americans are a good example of this. I feel that the money never actually "trickles down". The richest Americans didn't get that way by giving big pay raises to workers when they got a tax break from Uncle Sam. The greedy part of human nature assures us that trickle down can’t work.

As far as government control over business regulation, those are things have historically happened by legislation passed by Dems. The Republican attitude has always been to leave business to its own devices, and let competition sort things out. This is fine, until you add globalization into the mix, and let American compaines produce products over seas where there are no standards for workers, and environmental regulations are non-existent.

As far as separation of church and state, I guess it just makes me mad to see how the republicans have pandered to the religious right. As an agnostic, it bothers me to see the president talk about a need for a "gay marriage" amendment to the constitution. Let alone the ban on stem cell research, and the FDA purposely burying approval for the "morning after" pill to become OTC. This has all in the name of religion.

Sheepdog, I think you may just be more Liberal than you thought! :D
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perhaps we can all meet somewhere in the middle and keep it between the lines ;)

i hate the "new world order"
i despise and distrust the united nations
and i distrust any business that sends jobs and money overseas just for the banner of more proffit.

in today's world and global economy, embargos and trade barriers and tarriffs will not work becaue big corporations that have power will not alow them to work.

on one hand the old me says slap tarrifs on imports and offer protection to the workin' man and companies left over here...........

and again, on the other hand, drop the embargo to cuba and lets get some tradin' goin' there and make some money.

The "i've had enough" part keeps sayin' to drop nukes instead of sendin' troops as we can drill wells thru glass as easily thru sand................take over or die.....................
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I'm with your "I've had enough" side Deputy. Believe me, I've had more than enough. The government is so crooked and self absorbed that they have no idea what is actually going on with it's citizens anymore. The saddest part is they don't care either. They care about power. They care about money. They care about themselves. They stopped caring about us a very, very long time ago. This will continue until we are a beaten down society full of people who are absoloutely incapable of making the simplest decisions for ourselves. We're almost there. The feeling I have in the pit of my stomach can't even be described. I hope I live to see the day that the people take back their country. I hope I'm right in the middle of it.
If you want a tariff then make the dollar stronger. It will have the same effect plus it will drive down (somewhat) the price of oil. Unfortunately it would also probably put the economy into a worse recession than we are heading into.
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