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Glad I found these grips at Ruger

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Well the Hogue grips are just plain to FUGLY for me to carry with them, so I am going to order from Ruger I think:

Ruger On-line Store
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I'd get a custom set for that gun. It's too nice for a set of plain janes.
I have seen some Black - Silver wood that I like, or the Black Laminate Grips but need something to offset that stainless steel. ... black.html

or these ... _grips.php
Those are nice but i like these better.

41 Magnum said:
N.M. Blackhawk & Original Vaquero Custom Grip panels

I have these panels to fit the "New Model Blackhawk, & the Original Vaquero". These panels will not fit the New Vaquero, or the Anniversary Models. I can also make panels from any of the wood I have displayed, custom fitted to your particular frame, if you are willing to send me your frame & panels

A few, but not all of these panels are just slightly thicker than the original Ruger grips, & spread the recoil over a larger area. (Inquire about the thickness before ordering.) They are quite comfortable in the hand, especially with heavier loads. If there is something You like, it can be made in standard, or any width You desire. (takes approximately three weeks)


As of 6/10/08, Ruger has seen fit to raise the price of their ferrules from $.50 Ea. to $2.00 Ea.!!
That price increase is reflected in the price of the panels.

Ebony, Holly, & Cocobolo, are priced @ $69.00.
The rest of These panels are priced "Your choice" at $65.00 + Shpg., unless the medallions are already installed, ( that's an additional $12.50 per set ) & They "will all have" the OEM Ruger ferrules installed, & will come with the grip screw, & grip spacer.Spacers will keep you from over tightening the panels & pulling the ferrules thru the panels.

Ruger Medallions are available on all panels @ extra cost.
Medallions installed, @ $12.50 per. set, but are in short supply, as Ruger will only supply ten sets at a time.

I will also do S.A. panels from Your supplied wood for $25.00 + $5.00 for the ferrules, & $3.00 Shpg.

Shipping will be ;
$3.00 First Class Mail,
or $6.50 Priority Mail. Your Choice.

I accept U.S.P.S. Money Orders, or a check, as payment.

I am constantly making new panels, so my inventory changes all the time. If You don't see something You like, just ask.
I also have panel inserts for the GP100, GP100 Compact, & SP101, if anyone is interested in any of the wood in those ads for Blkhwk. or Vqro. panels.

Thanks for looking, & have a great day;
He does very nice work, I will contact him when I am ready :p dem things makes me wanna drool.
i really like the mesquite.....of course!
For me it would a toss up between the Texas Mesquite or the Zebrawood, but there is a part of me left in Texas from a long time ago.

Texas Mesquite just might be the one.

Here is another guy's Ruger SBH and I like this contrast here with these grips.

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Those are nice.

Your new SBH has the round trigger guard right? Jim's grips don't fit the square trigger guard frame. The round trigger guard and the OM Vaquero have the same grip frame.
Yep, the the trigger guard is rounded.
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The grips I posted don't fit the square ones anyway. He does make them though.
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