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Glue Bullets?

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Hey Bounty hows the glue rds. come'n.
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I made a few and actually fired one thru a regular case with a regular primer. It worked. I'm waiting for the cases I got coming that'll take the #209 shot gun primers. I think it'll work fine. :D
Did the cartridge bind up your revolver after you fired it? Once, I had a primer that absolutely would not seat flush. I did not want to load that case with the primer installed incorrectly. I was afraid to try and deprime a live primer. So, I stuck the case in my revolver, opened up the back slider, pointed the gun in a safe direction, and bang. That case backed up a bit and tied up the cylinder something fierce. I heard that if you drill out the primer's flash hole that doesn't happen.
I only shot the one because I've heard the same thing. I have 50 cases coming that'll use the #209 shot gun primer. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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