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One looks like new, the other nearly new but it had an issue.

The slide would lock open but wouldn't unlock. The mag wouldn't release, either. I had to take the guts out of the mag, with it still in the gun, then I could push the follower down to unlock the slide and mag. Tried it again, same result.
At first it looked like the slide lock tab on the follower was too high. Bent it down a pinch, didn't help. Then I found that the tab was high because the angle of the back of the follower was off. With these mags, it's just over an inch long.
Got everything to match another mag's follower, put it back together and it seems okay. I used two small adjustable wrenches to do the bending, so no tool marks.
I'm guessing the last owner of the mag screwed it up trying to undo the mag safety. I'm glad he didn't leave any tool marks or other permanent harm. I'm also glad I had another mag and gun to refer to.
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