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Got to love rimfires

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I went to the range today with the 10-22 and my Savage 93 17 HMR.

The 10-22 accuracy is just what you would expect from an off the shelf gun...I'm not even going to bother posting those groups. One of these day's it's going to get a G.M. Barrel, and a Boyds laminate stock, but for now it shoots Minute of Squirel and I guess that's all that I can ask of it.

But the that's a different critter all together. For a $250 gun with a $150 scope it will punch some great little groups. I have noticed though after about the first ten shots, if I don't run a patch through it, the groups will start to open up. I forgot to bring my bore snake, so this group, the first one, was the best of the day. Not bad for 50 yards 5 shot group with a pretty good cross wind blowing. The flyer was called, and was the first shot of the day.

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i've heard great things about the .17 hmr. Another one on my list to get.
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