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Guess I really don't need to do a range report on the GP100, 'cause a lot of us have one, but, I'm going to anyway.... :lol:

Yesterday, I went to the range for our "every other Monday" Dirty Harry match practice. We shoot the entire course, just as if it was a match (about 120 rnds). My use of speedloaders left something to be desired, so the RO asked if I wanted some help....I said sure, and in about 1 minute, I was reloading like it should be done....makes a lot of difference, if the gun is heald steady with the weak hand....

Anyway, I'm currently shooting 158gr LRN American Eagle....(when it is gone, I'll be shooting 158gr LSWC, 38 Match from Missouri Bullet Co.). Targets are from 7 yds to 25 yds. This GP100 is the cat's meow. I love the way it handles...the trigger just keeps getting better ( I now have about 900 rnds through it)...and the gun just seems to balance in the hand very nicely.

My one complaint is the front sight. I can't see it very well. Of course, a lot of it is just point shooting, but, last night, I ordered the HIVIZ front sight for it. Think I'll like it a lot better.

Overall, I just think the GP is an excellant fact, it has replaced my 1911 as my bedside gun...loaded with Rem. Golden Sabers. I've never owned a S & W, but, I just don't see how you could get much better than the GP, unless you went with a custom job.....
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I agree that you can't get much better than the GP. Mine is one sweet shooter. It's the 6" version and I'd like to have a 4" down the road. Thanks for the write up. :D
Thanks for the write up Wizard. The GP's are the cat's meow! It would take a pile of money to get mine.
I will have to say that the GP is my favorite revolver. I love that new Redhawk I just got, but it just is not as good as the GP in handling and the trigger. The GPs Hogue grip fits me better, and the trigger is much better, or at least I am used to it.
these work purty good from ruger and are easy in easy out with the ruger front sight system ... atId=13668

a set of four for 12 bucks ain't bad......
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I just got a set of William's Fire Sights for the GP100. I ain't had the time to put the back one on but the front one gathers a Lot of light!
Wizard, I agree, the trigger on my GP gets smoother every time I shoot it.

I put this front sight on mine soon after buying the gun and can see it MUCH better. I've read that some people use model paint (painting white first and then orange) or even nail polish.

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Eddie, I tried my GP100 with the HiViz sight on it today....I'm sold. The green pipe is very easy for me to pick up, and shoots to same poa as the stock sight.
Wizard, that does it, I going to oder the HiViz sights for my GP. Make sure you call the company and get your commison!
Johngoboom said:
Wizard, that does it, I going to oder the HiViz sights for my GP. Make sure you call the company and get your commison!
I wish..... :mrgreen: You'll like them. I also put a set on my BIL's GP today. He likes them as much as I do.....
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