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Greatest Pistol Ever!!!!!!!!

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Heres some pics of my 1911s.

My Colt 80 series codename: Vicky (short for Victory)

Top is my Thompson/AO codename: Frieght Train (she rattles like a train & is just as unstopable) This pic was before I removed the sights & slicked her out for carry. She is sporting my handmade cocobolos.
Bottom is AMT Hardballer codename: Breakdown (most accurate of the bunch when she runs, she has tested all my smithing skills to the limit but somehow I keep her running).

These last two are one of my dumpster diving finds its a gameboy case I converted for carry. Just used some styrofoam, a sack-up & some hotglue. Works great, even has zipper pocket on back that holds 3 mags. perfectly!

Ok its Ya'lls turn now!!!!
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I'm pretty fond of the ole 1911 myself.

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i'll play----but i'll cheat.............

not mine but issued to me. more of that govt surplus stuff to leo agencies. only modification allowed was the ambi safety.
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Did someone say 1911? :D One of my Taurus PT1911 along with my XD .45 Tactical. :mrgreen:
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