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Guide Gun ? for JB

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Am getting ready to spring for a Marlin 1895G and it's looking like it may be a new one. Question is what is the reason for the ported barrels on the earlier models? Looks wise, I like the plain barrels much better but found a used w/ ported I may be able to get for right around 400 which is a 100 dollar saving over Cabelas price for a new un-ported one. What would be your recomendation?

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The ported models were brought out to tame recoil, but the downside is the noise to ones ears.... the shooters and anyone that is around you when shooting. After several years of production Marlin disconiued to porting due to a lawsuite by several owners, then offering a barrel switchout to non-ported barrels. Some still like the ported barrels many others thank Marlin for the non-ported barrels.

I found mine for $399.00 pre owned in 99% and love the non-ported barrel. If you get this ported one, you may discover the uncomforting ear sound produced. Wear the best ear protection you can afford when shooting it.
Thanks Montanan, that's exactly the info I was looking for. Will keep my search directed at the un-ported version.
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