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Handgun Storage

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I had made remarks before about the plastic boxes Ruger sends their guns in. I think I would like a little more padding around them so they don’t get scratched up so much. I know the guns are metal and the boxes are plastic but it leaves marks anyhow.
Soooo, I decided to keep my guns in foam lined boxes by Plano or whoever. Well I put one of the revolvers away warm at the range and the next time I looked at it, it had dark and light blotches all over it from the diamond patterned foam! Luckily they came out with a lot of polishing. Today I noticed another gun has the same marks and it was put away cool and clean!
What do I need to do, get pistol rugs with the fur lining? Huh??
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I use those same type padded boxes. I've never noticed the marks. I'll have to double check to make sure. Do you oil your guns before you put them away? It could be gun oil breaking down the foam. My guns are put away dry. I take them out and either shoot them or inspect them, show them off and check for any signs of rust or what not, and they seem to be fine.
Now, that's a thought. I don't really oil the outsides at all, but I know in both cases I shot a lot of 38s so I had to really scrub the chambers. So there could have been #9 residue all around.
Yeah that foam is pretty cheap. A little oil will probably break it down real quick.
I usually put a gun in a box with a little bag of dessicant...that stuff that comes in electronics and fans and what not that sucks moisture out of the air...haven't used the foam-lined ones because of that problem...get gummy after handguns are kept in grabit condition so no boxes...maybe I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to buy some more so I can keep some in boxes, too....and more for bags, and more for gun rugs, and moooooooooooooooooooore.... :)
I store mine on the shelves of my gun safe and I lube inside and out with a mineral oil/gun oil calles Ballistol. It is also non-toxic and I have used for about 4 years and I'm happy with it's performance. I also have a dessicant box in the safe and haven't had issues with rust. Some are stored for several months at a time due to travel.
Feel free to "store" your guns with me when you're in the charge...just bring a few boxes of "feed" with each one...getcherself over to new members and check in....can't talk Bosox in this thread!!!!!
I store mine in their holster, even in the safe. Very, very light oil...did I mention very light on the oil.....
Canvas padded rugs. with the zipper unzipped about a inch just to let them breath.
I store my on racks in the gun closet (they are the rubber linned power tool hangers used on peg board). I put a light film of RIG grease on the blue guns, and that seems to take care of any possible rust issues. The stainless, wipe 'em down with a little oil, and hang 'em up. They'll be fine as frog hair.

I've always been told that if your not going to shoot a gun for any lenth of time, NEVER leave it in a case. They will hold moisture against the metal. I did have a 870 get a few little surface spots from leaving it in a case for a month or so. They cleaned up, but it was a pain in the back side.
Thanks for all the input fellers. I first noticed the marks after leaving the range and getting home. Not after any length of storage time. Also I have read a lot of bad things about leaving any finish in a leather holster.
I keep all of my guns in sack-ups, even my pistols that are kept in those foam cases. They keep my guns nice, just like I put them away. You want to be aware that any case that isn't lined with a silicone impregnated or similar fabric, will absorb moisture from the air (especially when its Humid, kinda like when its humid & the sheets on your bed feel moist & sticky). A buddy of mine is a notorious slob with his guns, (he's not the sharpest tool in the shed if you know what I mean). I've tryed to show him how even bought him a cleaning kit, but the steel reinforced concrete between his ears is like Fort Knox (you ain't getting thru). I helped him pick out a new Rem. 870 & a sack-up. One month later I go to see him & he proudly shows me his Grandfathers nineteen aught five leather/felt lined case hes been keeping the new 870 in with no sack-up (its now strung across back porch as clothes line). Long story short, 870 now called rust bucket!
Sheepdog: "I usually put a gun in a box with a little bag of dessicant...that stuff that comes in electronics and fans and what not that sucks moisture out of the air... "

LMAO When I was a kid that stuff came in all kinds of products. I used to tell my brother it was salt and make him put on stuff and eat it.
:eek: :lol:
I'm probably the last person who should chime in on gun care. But you know those yellow oily rags? After shooting at the range, I wipe my guns down with that and I put handguns in a rug with that rag folded around it.
I have a few of the flap type gun bags can't remember what exactly they are called right now. They let the gun breath so to speak and have oil in the clothe not that much but seems to work pretty weapon. I wouldn't use grease as that can cause pitting I am told so that was enough for me there.
Actually an old T shirt with a little oil on it should work just as well. I have alot of old Tshirt always got a use for them never know when your going to need a few sails now and then.
Same like old skivvies 'cept they can streak the bluing.... :twisted: Seriously, I'd love to get a load of those diaper service cotton diapers...the old fold-it-yourself kind...they were the softest for anything....used one for years to wipe 'em down.... ... quot__Gray
Most Guns in the safe are in silicone cloth bags, or laying out in the open on an oily cloth. The Rugers in their boxes are wiped down with a lightly oily rag and with sandwiched with a piece of regular wax paper to keep them off the surface of the box. The safe also has a dehumidifier rod and the dessicant packs that I re-energize in the oven a couple times a year. The house guns are all Stainless except the Colt 1991 and I have never had a holster rust problem. knock on wood.
I do not like to have any gun resting directly on foam or dry cloth for any length of time.
I find that I can carry for a week without oiling it as long as I leave it sticking down inside my Depends....kinda wicks away the moisture....don't print, either...:twisted:
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