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Help with decocking levers on Ruger P series.....

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Happy with my new KP97DC (used) but want one change in KP95DC and my KP90DC have decocker levers that protrude from the slide with a ledge to lay my thumb on---the 97 has flat ones...are they hard to take out and replace? I want to order the other kind and exchange them...the flat ones are more difficult to decock for me....anyone been there and done that????
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ain't done it and don't have a clue................
can you take a set of calipers to the slide in that area of the p90 and compare it to the slide of the p97??? If much of any difference shows up in width, ya probably can't do it.
Not a clue sheepdog! :)

Let us know what you find out.
Dear Mr. Sheepdog, Current part numbers are the same and all are the flush type, that I can find. My 95DC has the flush lever and is a 2007. The parts seen to have the same number and should swap out.
Brownells price is about $38 for the parts. If they don’t work out, they will refund your money.
I have not tried this but would not hesitate to do so.
Thanks, guys...I called Ruger tech and they answered "Customer Service" though the VM indicated a different option...she said yes and just order the P90 or P95 levers and they were easily changed out...but she lacked the ring of conviction....not because she's female but because she sounded disinterested, I'm gonna wait a day or so and try again to get someone in technical...I believe they were busy and it just went back to Customer Service.....I don't want to waste time ordering to be shipped the flat ones again....I may try Brownell' old thumbs like the ledge to lay on....I guess the flat ones may hide a tiny bit better but don't want to have to shift my grip to drop the hammer.........I like sameness......if I can do it....once I've done it, I'll offer up the flat ones to anyone who needs/wants them.....
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