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Henry .22 Lever Gun, suggestions ?!??

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I really love the Henry I have. It is a really great little rifle, but it could stand a few "upgrades" ?
Actually, the only thing I can see that Henry should do, is to offer it's own aftermarket accessories.
I don't care that they are made to sell at a great price, by substituting plastic for some parts, as everyone needs to be competitive in today's marketplace.
But, . . . . they need to offer "factory options", like better sights.
( A Bead, or Fiber Optic front, & a "V" rear leaf, or Tang mounted peep sight, would be great. ) And, they should offer both those, & the barrel band as options in "Steel" instead of the plastic. ( If You check around, the aftermarket manufacturers want nearly half the price of the rifle, for a tang mount peep sight. )
Perhaps an optional barrel band, with a sling swivel mount ??
It would be beneficial to the company to offer these accessories, & It would be a really great improvement over the current production pieces.
I'd be one of the first standing in line, waiting to purchase them.
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I hate when a company doesn't make after market or upgrade parts for their own products. Sometimes it's easier to order a product with the upgrades than to deal with changing things after you get the gun. I like options. :)
here is a henry talk forum at they discuss all henrys in detail from tang and peep sights to reinishing and barrel removal. if you sign up the search option becomes available and his may help............... ... sprune=365
The only upgrading I felt my H001 needed was a peep and a daub of orange BRIGHT SIGHTS paint up front:

I've had Marlin 39's. BL-22's, and both magnum and LR Winchester 9422's in the past.
The Marlins were the most accurate, and the 9422's the "gunniest" - but iMHO the Henry is right there along with them, at a lot less cost.
I also had a Golden Boy when they were first issued, but didn't care for the weight, among some other issues.

My next gun wll be a .22WRM standard H001M.
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I also like peep sights.

Welcome to the forum, PetahW! :)
Nice job PetahW, care to give us some info on the hows and whats? I, also really like my H001, just fun to shoot and never a problem.
I'm glad to be here ! :cool:

I filled the rear barrel dovetail with a generic slot filler after removing the rear sight - one of the most tightly installed I've ever run across, BTW.

The peep is a replacement for a military Mauser's rear barrel/battle sight - the Williams WM-96 Peep (Williams also makes the WM-96 in an open sight) - which I modified by drilling an attachment hole vertically through it's forward tongue for a 6-48 scope mount screw, also D/T one hole in the receiver cover for it.
After the sight was installed, I ran a small drill bit down through the elevation screw hole to dimple the receiver cover top there to preclude any sideways sight movement from raps, etc.
It's low enough, that a higher from sight wasn't needed to zero the rifle.
The white outline in the peep aperture is a slimmed sling swivel white line spacer.

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Looks like it'd work great. Job well done it seems. :D
Very nice job.
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