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Henry H010GCC - Color Case Hardened Lever Action .45-70

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Henry H010GCC - Color Case Hardened Lever Action .45-70 Side Gate - 22" Octagon Blued Steel Barrel
Just curious if anyone is reloading for the above. So far I have only purchased one type of bullet. They are 405 Grain Round Flat Nose Gas Check (.458). Interested in what type or grain bullets others are liking.
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I never loaded for the 45/70 but my bullet and load selection would depend on what I intended to use the rifle for. If hunting large body animals then I would try a good charge of IMR 4064 (51-54 gr) and see how they shoot. My old Speer manual's #1 powder for a 400 gr bullet is H335 which requires a LRM primer. If you want a light load then SR 4759 is good for reduced loads. Whatever you use the Henry will be a thumper. When I load I look for accuracy first and ft/lbs secondary. I figure a less powerful shot in the right spot trumps a big blast in the wrong spot.
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