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Henry Lever guns

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I put a Henry lever action .22 in lay away at my local pawn shop. I've been wanting a lever gun for awhile, and they seem to go pretty quick around here. Is there anything i need to know about these?
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I don't know if you need to know this, but I really want one. :D

Congrats! :mrgreen:
I have a Henry H001 I picked up at a pawn shop and can guarantee they have the sweetest action of any lever gun I have ever handled. Enjoy.
everyone i know that has one loves it. and henry arms has an excellent reputation as far as i can tell for standing behind their guns. The main thing for me with that little lever is the barrel band is plastic----but thats just me.

The only henry i have ever owned was the little ar-7 type survivor rifle. Accurate little thing but a terrible trigger. Had a problem with the front sight and henry took care of it pronto by mailing me two new front sights free of charge.

They are hard to understand on the phone for me however, they say i talk with an acent but that NY bunch up there!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :D ;) ;) ;)
Beautiful little gun, & "Superb Customer Service" !
Works better than guns costing three or four times as much !

They are sweet little guns. I want one. I keep buying friends of the NRA raffle tickets. The tickets for the Henry are the ones that I buy. Haven't won one yet, but the money goes to a good cause.

Make sure we get pics when you pick it up! :shock:

I have been eyeing those Henery lever guns, and can't decide if I want a plinker, or a 30-30 Marlin. They both seem fun.
will do, heck i still gotta snap some shots of the pump i purchased the other day....

50+hrs a week at work, kills my play time.
I have the Henry H-001....all I can say is....You will love it. The action is really smooth, and the one I have is very accurate. Money well spent.....
Bountyhunter said:
I don't know if you need to know this, but I really want one. :D

Congrats! :mrgreen:
You beat me to it! I want one too. I asked for one for my birthday, but in the months leading up to Christmas or my birthday, I drop hints and send URLs to my wife for tens of thousands of dollars worth of ideas. Just depends on which one she picks!
Henry has an even better reputation for service than Ruger!

If you email them and ask for something, the president of the company will answer you and personally insure that you are happy.

There are those who think putting a scope on a levergun is an unpardonable sin, but I already asked the gun god, and It's okay.

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Nothing wrong with a scope on a lever gun. I even like the look. :)
lol i gotta scope on my 336, and never asked the gun god..

I'll try it with open sights, but i'm tellin ya i ain't gettin any younger.....i'm having hard times seeing the front blade.
I've never shot a gun with a scope. And I wouldn't put one on my Model 94, but if I got a Henry .22, I would think about a scope. It'd be fun at the range to try and be really accurate with it. Plus maybe it'd be something that could be done without drilling, right?
yes sir.......
from memory the henry is groved on top for the .22 tip-off rings.............
well i got it out of lay away,,,,boy now i can't wait to try it out. I posted pics in the gallery
I'm off to look at her then. :D
Well i took mine out last evening, I'm very pleased with it. I'm deffinatly going to have to put a scope on it, it's far more accurate than i am. :ugeek:
Aren't they all? I know my hand guns are much more accurate than I am. ;)
Bountyhunter said:
Aren't they all? I know my hand guns are much more accurate than I am. ;)
that's the truth, i always take my MKii out while i'm there for some bullseye practice. I start off good, then start drifting.
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