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Hi Gunner's

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Nice to see such a Sharp Shooting Bunch Of Gunner's...<:))
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Welcome, Sgt. Knuckles!!!!! Come amongst us and grab a seat and a hot cuppa...glad to have you!!!!
Welcome! This is just like old times aint it?
Welcome! Glad you decided to drop by! :)
hey knuckles, how's it goin
Good ta see ya Sarge. Like the OWN THE NIGHT av. I remember when "Spooky Ruled The Night". Awesome firepower never goes out of style.

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I have been busier than a cat covering Sheet... the last few days...!!! Just took delivery of a New GUN.... MY Navy Seal Model is the Top Gun In The PIC... I Love This Gun... Now I just have to get to the Range and Break it in...<:))

~Rare Collector Suppressor Gun~
Model~Navy Seals MP5-SD~Kestrel Fire 10/22

~Cliff Notes~
The MP5-SD is popular with the Navy Seals
Perhaps one of the most feared weapons of bad guys, is the SD-series of Heckler & Koch's MP5. Highly skilled law enforcement, intelligence and special forces team put their silenced elimination capabilities to maximum effect around the globe. Featuring integral silencer the only sound they let off while putting the round to target at millimeter precision is the ejection of empty case and reload of next bullet to the chamber.


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Welcome Sgt. Good to have you here.
More cool guns! You're always getting cool guns! :eek:
Chance.... is right about "Puff The Magic Dragon" rule's the Night....

SheepDog,... Here's a Avitar for you... Just pick it off the Page and put it in...<:))

Hoist them Beers Gunner's...I'm Buying...<:))
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Welcome aboard SgtKnuckles, glad to see you made it. :mrgreen:
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