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high standard shotguns

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been seeing some good deals on some 12 ga high standard pumps. Walnut stocked, steel receivers with a plain barrel. Thinking about getting one and cuttin' down the barrel and turn it into a riot gun as a gift.

These guns are very slick in the action. Much smoother than a remy 870 or a winchester, or mossberg.

Anyone have much experience with these old high standards?

i know accessories are non-existant and have not checked into the availability of spare parts yet as this gun i believe has not been made for quite a few years.

As i understand it, this same gun was made for Sears under the j.c. higgins brand name as well.
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I have one, but still see quite a few of them around at the gunstores. The price is right on most of them; if they break, get a new one.

EDIT: I just re-read my post, and I DO NOT HAVE ONE. That was supposed to read "I have never shot one"

I think this wrist brace interfears with my typing sometimes.
I'm not familiar with the brand. :|
i didn't know they made shotty's. A friend of mine purchased a high standard 1911, it seems to be a great shooter.
i've been tryin' to do some research on them and most of it seems positive. They are so slick in operation that its mind blowing..........

which then makes me wonder why wern't they real popular or sucessfull/still produced.
deputy125 said:
Thinking about getting one and cuttin' down the barrel and turn it into a riot gun as a gift.
That's very nice of you. Do you have my address or shall I PM you with it?? :D
Seriously, how cool are those old Model 12 riot guns and trench guns? I actually like the riot guns better, it'd be awesome to have one that had some history, like a prison stamped on it or something. But MAN, are they expensive! I also heard there are a lot of convincing fakes out there.
the last military model 12 i saw was pure sticker shock........
i've runned across a few of the high standard bird guns well used for around $120.00.
A few savage used bird pumps for less but i never liked the savage design---except for that old savage pump that looks like the browning A-5...............
You beat me to that post, Eddie....oh, well......hey, was it the 1897 Winch that you could hold the trigger back and slamfire? It had an exposed hammer....I've always wanted one of those....
When I was in High School my dad bought a Sears branded JC Higgins 12 ga that had a cutts compensator and screw in (about 6") choke tubes for slug hunting in So NH. It shot the slugs low so he cut off the compensator and that helped the accuracy and raised the impact. With the comp off it had an 18-20" bbl and would have been a decent shotgun for close work. I think he traded it for an Ithaca M37 feather weight which I have now.
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