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Hornady 250 grain JHP bullets

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I bought 100 of them in .452" for my Redhawk. I can't find a load using Unique though. Anyone?
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6,2 gr at 600 FPS-- 7.4 gr at 800 FPS, Colt loads from 7th Hornady book.I see no loads for unique in the Ruger only page.
Start at the 7.4 load and work your way up.
Up to the point that my gun explodes? :lol: :lol:

Thanks buddy. :)
The Colt loads wont hurt that Ruger,You have a long cylinder and that gun will chamber and shoot the badest that they make.
I'm finding lots of 8.5 - 9 grain loads for lead bullets. I think I'm going to shoot all lead eventually. :D
The Sierra Manual lists loads for 240 gr JHC in Rugers, etc and it starts at 8.7 to 11.5. That bullet is 10 gr lighter so I would stay at least a full grain under plus they are different bullets so I would go slow after about 9.5 and watch for pressure. A load of 8.0 gr would probably shoot pretty sweet and be pretty easy shooting.
I was thinking 8-8.5 would probably be a pretty good load. Just wasn't sure where I should start. I'm thinking 8 would probably be pretty safe with the Redhawk.
the redhawk is so strong you can probably go ahead and use the loads for the 45 listed under the rifle section of most manuals..............

got a feelin' the case will fail befor the redhawk does, and the loads listed are safe for levers so my way of thinkin' is they are safe for redhawks and blackhawks..............

so much of the revolver data is on the low side due to respect for old guns and the older weaker peacemaker designs.............
My Lyman Pistol & Revolver Man. lists that bullet at 7.8-8.7gr. of unique 755-877fps. out of a 7 1/2" Blackhawk 1.590 oal. It also lists a T.C. load at 9.3-12.2gr. 1027-1324fps 10"Bbl. It doesn't list CUP but I'm sure that RH will handle those T.C. loads just fine. If you really want to load some hot rds. I'd go with H110. If you do let me know I've got some worked up that will rattle your teeth! :twisted:
I don't know about that Deadeye. They'd probably rattle a lot more than my teeth. :?
Yea Bounty, they really crank-up the flinch factor! I have to tape up my wrists, wear gloves & double up my pain pills to shoot'm. I was blast'n a few at the range a while back, the guy next to me said he could feel the concusion in his stomach & his girlfriend got scared & went to the car! I wish I had a video of it, the blast kicks up dust in front of me when I touch'm off! :twisted:

P.S. I was shoot'n em from my Blackhawk, but that should give you an idea what a Ruger can handle. Even with those loads I've never split a case yet.
I'm using 25 Gr. of WW296, behind a 240 Gr. XTP J.H.P. in My .45 L.C. Blackhawk. It's a little stiff, but not extremely, it's a good deer load. I have gone a little stronger than that with WW296 & with H-110, but settled on 26 Gr., cause it worked well.

The only lead I've used were a couple boxes of "Cowboy Loads" I originally bought for the brass, when I bought the Blackhawk.
Thanks Montanan. I book marked it. :cool:
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