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Hornady XTP

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I'm thinking about ordering some XTP 147gr 9mm bullets to load for SD. Anyone have any experience with these?.....
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Not in 9mm but I have loaded several in .44mag & .45Colt. I like them for SD & hunting.
I've never used them. I'm to cheap. :)
the xtp's(in other calibers) that i have tried were one of the more accurate bullets.

Also as i understand it, the xtp was one of the 1st bullets deigned to meet the fbi criteria as far as penetration of the body, barrier tests, and such. Holdin' together with controled expansion.

most of the xtp's i've read about do not expand as much as the current crop of high tec bullets.

Be careful of the depth and bullet profile to see if it will feed properly............some of the 147 gr 9mm are problomatic----at least that's been my xperience............
Deputy, could you recommend a respectable SD round.....not for reloading, but already manufactured.....
Wizard said:
Are you snorting that Unique? :lol:

I know. I know. I'm just as bad. :lol:
Sometimes, my fingers just don't listen to my brain.....btw: I corrected it..... :lol: :lol: :lol:
I always correct mine too. :lol:
Wizard said:
Deputy, could you recommend a respectable SD round.....not for reloading, but already manufactured.....
that's like recomendin' a wife for your best friend----a 50/50 win/lose deal there........

when i carried a 9mm i liked the corbon +p 115 gr jhp----plain vanillia. I'm still of the opinion that if you can't have a big heavy bullet then go with speed. This one as i remember is over 1350 fps with over 450 ft lbs energy. this is what i would carry today if i went back to the 9mm today.

the corbon dpx loads are new to me but they look interestin' as well as they have reported better barrier penetration with the barnes x bullet but i don't know of any street results so i won't chance it as its still a bit too new for me.

the rest of the herd in leo circles i know seem to gravatite to the speer gold dot +p but i still like the corbon load.............

shot placement and reliability are still king ;)
Maybe we could do a poll & ask scumbags, gangbangers & politicians (ya know the real trash). What they would least like to be shot with & go from there! :twisted:
Bountyhunter said:
I've never used them. I'm to cheap. :)
I just bought 100 of them. See my other post. I'll let you know how they work out once I get a chance to see. :)
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