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Howa .270 and NEF .223

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I switched some scopes around to try out the .270 today, and since I robbed the scope of my .223 I need to resight that gun in with the scope I stole of my 8mm Mauser.

I put a fixed 4 power weaver on top of the .223. It's my yote gun, and since we don't normaly get shots on them past 100 yards (to much woods) I figured that scope would work fine. And it did. It shot nice groups (about 2" groups at 100 yards) and that is as good as my eyes can do. Since it's for yotes and dirt piggies that will work just fine.

Now the .270 is different critter all together. I put a Bushell Banner 4-12x40 on it (Which is an OK scope at best). Once I got it on paper, it all came together nicely. At 100 yards it shot an aprox 1 1/2" 3 shot group with Remington 130 grain bullets (again, as good as my eyes can do, have a lot of trouble tody seeing the bright target dots, I think the gun is capable of better). I put the gun one inch high at 100 yards and tried a couple shots at a ram target out at 250 yards, oddly is was much easier to sight in on the black painted ram (The farthest shot we have at the club). They hit within an inch of each other about 3 inches low. I litterly giggled. The trigger is AWSOME, the bolt cycles smoothly, and ejects the round smartly. The recoil lets you know what happened, but is very tolarable. I am very impressed with this gun.

MONTANAN...what's your oppinion on the .270 Win for an "out west" cartridge?
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That 270 should be good to about 400 yards on deer sized game. It's a flat shooting, fast moving cartridge. :D
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